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What Is The Best Way To Begin An Influencer Marketing Campaign?

5 methods for locating the perfect influencer

Method 1: Take a look at your followers.

When looking for the ideal influencer, the first thing you should do is search through your following and contacts to see if there are any influencers who already follow you.

Then you should contact them and ask whether they’d be interested in promoting your product or service on social media.

Method 2: Perform a manual search

Searching for influencers on social media is another wonderful approach to find them. You can use a hashtag to search for a specific topic.

You might use a hashtag analysis tool like Hashtagify or Keywordtool.io to uncover the most popular hashtags if you’re seeking for Instagram influencers.

Then you could look at a handful to see who the top influencers are that use those hashtags.

Method 3: Make use of influencer lists

You should utilise an influencer list if you need a short list of influencers on a specific issue.

That’s a fancy way of saying googling it! You may find a few extremely nice complete lists of top home decor influencers by searching for “top home decor influencers.”

If you’re seeking for microniches in your sector, that’s a fantastic place to start.


Once upon a time, one of our Mayple experts worked with a home decor firm that was having difficulty locating the ideal Instagram influencers. As a result, he began to look for them on Instagram manually.

He sought for influencers that worked with the industry’s leading businesses and were followed by the same people, and he was able to grow their influencer programme to over 300 people.

Influencer “experts” have a tendency to make things more complicated. If you need to identify the greatest Instagram influencers for your business, you can still use manual search.

Don’t have time to waste and want something a little more immediate?

This next suggestion will blow your mind.

Method 4: Use a database tool as a fourth option.

A database tool, such as NinjaOutreach, simply displays the influencers for you and allows you to message them all at once.

Method 5: Use an influencer marketing tool as a fifth option.

I would definitely recommend employing an influencer marketing platform if you have the budget ($150-$1500/month).

Grin and Klear are tools designed to assist you manage every aspect of an influencer campaign.

Use these resources to complete the following tasks:

-Seek out the proper influencers -Send messages directly from the platform -Launch and manage campaigns -Approve material -Pay and track payments -Set up contracts and agreements

You’ll need something with a lot of filters and the ability to narrow down your search for the ideal influencer.

How to Launch an Influencer Marketing Campaign

Here are the steps you must follow to effectively set up your influencer campaign.

1. Make sure your influencers are trustworthy.

You’ll get caught up in the buzz and neglect to properly vet your influencer. As a result, make certain you do so.

This is a critical stage.

Setting a goal for your campaign is the first step.

What are you attempting to accomplish?

Any of the following can be the goal:

  • The development of a brand (impressions)
  • Subscribers Become Followers and Followers Become Subscribers Become Followers Become
  • Subscriber (likes, comments)
  • Sales

Remember not to try to sell your goods to a new audience by being overly pushy. Allow the content developer to choose the best way to market your goods to their target audience. When you’re aiming to obtain more views or interaction, or if all you care about is how many orders this campaign will generate, you might be more forgiving.

When working with influencers, it’s up to you to strike this balance.

If you want to increase sales or get more subscribers, you need create a unique landing page. Make a sale, give a discount, or do something to make it easy for the influencer’s audience to purchase your product.

When it comes to the target market, you must be very specific about who you want to reach.

2. Determine who your target audience is.

Define your target audience in the next phase.

Gender, age, interests, country, language, favourite movies, books, music, and, finally, who is the authority for your target audience are all factors to consider.

It will be easier to locate the correct influencers if you have a deeper understanding of your target audience.

Once you’ve decided on your target audience, you’ll need to discover an influencer who has a comparable demographic.

Remember that each social media site is unique, with a somewhat distinct audience and purchasing habits.

You may believe that finding Instagram influencers is necessary for your brand, but after analysing your shoppers, you may discover that an other medium (such as Twitch or Snapchat) is a better fit.

3. Reach out to influencers

Communicating with influencers via email, particularly your business email, is preferable (so that they see that you are serious).

Introduce yourself, explain them about your company and why you want to collaborate with them, and why they are the best person to market your company.

Keep in mind that the influencer receives a lot of emails. Always be courteous and follow up.

Clearly state what you expect from the influencer.

If you don’t know how much something will cost, ask the influencer.

It’s crucial to talk about who is creating the material, whether you or the influencer.

What do you need to be an influencer? Is a script required? What was the actual wording? What’s your product’s description?

When and how will the payment be made?

How can you make the most of influencer content?

Everything should be summed up in a brief agreement between your brand and the influencer.

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