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Web class that supports GIGA School

Due to the realization of the GIGA School Concept, the ICT Supporters’ Promotion Association has launched the “22nd Spring Bronze CCNA course for ICT Supporters. Web Workshop to gain the basic knowledge needed for ICT supporters to respond to the rapid demand for human resources. The tuition fee is 7300 Yen (tax included).

ICT Support Staff are professionals who want to play an active role in schools in the Rewa era, school teachers and children who advocate the use of ICT. With the GIGA State School concept of CCNA course, it has become possible to develop stations for every child and student in primary and secondary schools across the country. Similar management has begun in secondary schools, and the need for an ICT support team is growing.

Web Workshop for ICT Supporters

In response to such rapid demand for human resources, the Association for the Promotion of ICT Supporters offers the “Web Workshop for ICT Supporters Spring Workshop Branch Course 22” for students to acquire the necessary knowledge needed for ICT Supporters. Recruitment. In the course, we will take courses mainly on “Roles and topics of ICT support staff”, “Introduction to ICT equipment in schools and examples of its use”.

Web training schedule from March 12, 20 and 26 from 1:30 PM to 4:30 PM. All three dates are the same, so you can select multiple dates to review. Once you have attended the course and completed the confirmation test on any date, a Bronze Certificate of Completion will be issued for the web-based ICT Support Course.

The tuition fee for the course is 7,300 Yen (including tax), with a tuition fee of 3,300 Yen and an annual membership fee of 4,000 Yen. Applications are accepted from the web-based course application form on the Association for the Promotion of ICT Supporters website.

Take advantage of information and communication technology in a variety of situations

Package for schools to use ICT in a variety of contexts such as STEAM / Teaching materials. So for programming lessons, teaching materials and teaching materials and cloud environment. And where students can share and create work data, online playback offer / support etc. Is over.

In this free expansion plan for schools, the number of licenses at the beginning. The service was limite to 1,000, while the number of licenses was “unlimit”. And the number of jobs store for the school was limit to 50 Less. Additionally, since the OS share rate for Chromebooks implemente. So that under the GIGA School Concept of Network+ Certification training is over 40% of all ICT stations. We decide to support Chromebooks along with iOS and Android.

From school administrators who use the service startup plan. So that “I want to use it not just for each class but for the whole class!” “I want to remember and collect the work of the students and work on it as a whole school. We decided to expand it and make it available to more schools.

GIGA Station Launches Illustrative Materials

On February 25, 2022, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology released an outline of illustrated materials for each operating system company to keep the GIGA School Station up to date. The annual update process and mechanism for each operating system are describe in an easy-to-understand manner.

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