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Top Tips for Selecting the Kitchen Faucets

Kitchen Sink Taps: Wall Mounted or Deck Mounted?

The sink area and faucet are most used in any kitchen and are considered the kitchen’s focal point. Replacing your kitchen faucet is a simple and affordable way to give your space a quick design makeover, which will change the entire look and feel of your kitchen. You need to know what type of kitchen faucets you need for functionality and a seamless look before you shopping.

Here are the top tips that will help you choose the best kitchen faucet for your kitchen sink:

Different Ways to Install Kitchen Faucets

The two types of faucet installations are (1) Wall Mounted and (2) Deck Mounted.

1. Wall Mounted: You will often find wall-mounted kitchen mixer taps in commercial and industrial locations, with a distinctive and modern style. If space is at a premium, you need to choose a wall-mounted faucet as it offers a space-saving design; extensively used in home kitchens, laundry rooms, garages, and greenhouses.

2. Deck or Counter Mounted: You can install deck-mounted kitchen faucets onto the counter or edge of the sink. You will also notice counter-mounted faucets in the most spacious and luxurious kitchens. Deck-mounted kitchen faucets act as a design element and draw attention to the sink.

Let’s glance at kitchen faucets with varied faucet holes, ranging from single-hole mounts to three-hole mounts in diverse sizes and finishes.

Single-Hole Faucet (with a Pull-Down Sprayer):

The single-hole faucet having a pull-down sprayer includes the following styles:

  • High, gooseneck faucets have a tall, drastic arch that leads to the spout.

  • The industrial style comes with a pre-rinse faucet, hard-wearing springs, and a lever handle with the spray hose for extra reach and control.

  • In other styles, the handle is mounted on the faucet body, whereas touchless variants do not require handles; instead, you have to wave at the side-mounted sensor. And for a futuristic kitchen, you can give a voice command to get the water running.

Single-Hole Faucet (with a Side Spray):

Single-hole faucet (with a side spray) is technically a single-hole faucet, but its smaller side spray will fit on a second hole predrilled in the sink countertop. It offers a modest yet clean look that doesn’t take up much space on the countertop and provides adaptability and convenience. Escutcheon plates with two holes are available to emphasize the design or cover up a third predrilled hole in the sink that you might not need.

Two-Handle Faucet (Three Hole Layout)

In this style, the faucet comes with two separate handles for hot and cold water, positioned on either side of the sink faucet, emphasizing its artistic design. It occupies extra space on the sink’s edge but becomes the focal point drawing the attention of onlookers. This style of faucet is highly functional and convenient for routine sink-based chores, with one-handed cold or hot water at the turn of a handle.

Bridge Faucet with Side Spray (4-Hole Layout)

A bridge faucet comes with two handles, for hot and cold water, with a water flow spout in the center. The cold and hot water will pass through their separate handles and then mix in the connection between them before dispensing through the spout. Depending on the style, a bridge faucet will need two or three holes and will typically need a separate side spray, as the bridge connection does not allow the hose feature to extend.

Features of Kitchen Faucets

  • Kitchen Mixer Tap with Pull-Out Spray: The pull-out kitchen taps provides the convenience of the side sprayer without occupying the extra space on the sink’s edge. The hose pulls down towards the sink or at an angle above it, offering a slight advantage in reach.

  • Side Sprayer: Side sprayer is a classic staple of the kitchen sink. Towards the end of an extendable hose, you will have a small faucet to provide directed water pressure precisely where you need to clean the pots and pans, water a potted plant, or scrub the sink.

Choosing the Right Finish for Kitchen Faucet

It is equally vital to select a perfect finish for creating a seamless look and feel. The finish will decide the color and durability of the kitchen faucet for years to come. The finish is available from copper and stainless steel to contemporary black in different metals and colors to harmonize with the emphasizing colors of your kitchen appliances and hardware. If you need to maintain a good harmony between durability and style, choose from chrome, stainless steel, brushed nickel, or copper finish.

The above tips will help you select the perfect kitchen faucet to suit your needs and kitchen interiors.

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