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Top 6 Advantages of Gas Fireplaces You Must Know!

Gas fireplaces are appealing heat sources you find in many Aussie homes today. Gas fireplaces provide the warmth and looks of a traditional wood-burning fireplace without the need to carry firewood. And many of these gas fireplaces do not require a full chimney. Appropriate venting can help you to save space and allow you to place a gas fireplace anywhere within your home.

Here are the top six advantages of gas fireplaces that you must know before you go out to shop for a fireplace for your home:

1. Gas Fireplaces Are Handy to Operate

Compared to gas-burning models, wood-burning fireplaces need more know-how. Only with experience, you’ll know about the intricacies of setting up the wood, igniting it and facilitating enough airflow. Furthermore, controlling the amount of heat output with a wood-burning fireplace can be an arduous task. Gas fireplace inserts can remove the time-consuming and sometimes intricate task of lighting and maintaining a wood-burning fire. Gas fireplaces are handy to use, you just need to flip a switch to ignite it, and adjusting the temperature is also simple.

2. Gas Fireplaces Does Not Produce Smoke or Embers

If you love the comfy warmth and welcoming ambience of a fireplace but do not like the smell of smoke, then a gas fireplace will be ideal for your home. With a gas fireplace, there will be no burning embers, sparks, smoke, or other fumes to bother about, as there is no physical material that is burning. If you have children or pets in your home, a gas fireplace is the safest option.

3. Gas Fireplaces Help You To Save Energy

Using a gas fireplace will give you control over the fuel you use at a time. It is easy to adjust the quantity of gas used, and you can turn it off entirely with the flip of a switch. Furthermore, gas fireplaces are an environmentally-friendly alternative, as it does not produce smoke by burning wood or other plant-based materials.

4. A Gas Fireplace Will Work During A Power Breakdown

As gas fireplaces do not work on electricity, they will continue working even if the electric power goes out, providing much-needed light and warmth.

5. Gas Fireplaces Imitate Wood Fireplaces

When buying a gas fireplace, you won’t have to give up on the aesthetics of a wood-burning fireplace. The fake wood in the gas fireplace looks like actual wood and can recreate the ambience of a space. With ceramic logs and embers in the gas fireplaces, you can enjoy the look and feel of a traditional wood-burning fireplace.

6. Gas Fireplaces Need Less Maintenance

A gas fireplace needs less maintenance and little care between uses. You won’t have to bother digging out ashes or other wood rubble. Your gas insert will produce less disorder and would require less cleaning to remain in pristine condition. Regardless of the type of fireplace you select, it will need regular inspections to ensure it stays in optimal condition and keep performing at its best.

The Bottom Line

The warmth that gas fireplaces create is as good as wood-burning fireplaces. Furthermore, gas fireplaces mimic wood-burning fireplaces, so they are aesthetically appealing and create the perfect ambience. There are types of gas fireplaces, such as indoor gas fireplaces, freestanding gas fireplaces and built-in gas fireplaces. You can choose the best one for your needs and budget. Reputed gas fireplace dealers in NSW also provide fireplace installation and after-sales service for top fireplace brands.

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