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The Multiple Benefits of Die-Cutting Packaging 

The die-cutting process involves creating a die (or cast) that helps make different shapes with the sharpened edge of the die. One die, prepared for a custom or generic design can be used multiple times to cut similar shapes out of similar types of material.

Considering the re-usability and feasibility of using die-cutting and die Mylar for the process, it is widely used in packaging. For example, creating custom boxes with the die-cutting process. This saves your money, offers you a durable product, and reduces the cost of packaging.

Read more for a detailed review on creating die Mylar packaging for your products.

What Is A Die?

Let’s start understanding the basics first: what is a die?

A die is a cast that we use to create an impression on the material or paper. One side of this tool is edgy and another is normal so that when you press the edgy side into the cardboard or Mylar, it leaves an impression, which makes it easy to create a box or another shape for packaging.

Ideally, if you are using die-cutting or die Mylar for packaging, creating the die would be your first step. However, once you have created a custom die, you can keep using it for a long time.

What is die Mylar?

Mylar is a plastic sheet, which is used for creating packaging material. It is originally a trademark brand that creates PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate) sheets. One of the applications of these sheets is in packaging. But, it is used for various other purposes in daily products.

What Is The Die Cutting Process?

Similar to how we use a cookie cutter to create cookies of different shapes, a die cutter is used to create different shapes for packaging or other purposes.

An overview of the die-cutting process:

  • Firstly, the design is created with the help of Computer-Aided Design.

  • With the help of the above design, a die line is created, which is transferred to the board that we will use as the die.

  • Then, through an appropriate machine, the die line is engraved or burned into the board used for the die. However, it is ensured that the die has clean fold lines, cut lines, and bleed lines.

  • Many times, if you need high precision, laser cutters are used for the die-making process.

  • Every die is prepared to cut the material in a different manner, such as through cutting, creasing, scoring, perforating, etc. For example, scoring creates a partial cut on the material.

  • This die is used to cut Mylar or other material, which is then used for packaging.

The entire process of making a die is achieved just once, but the die is used several times to cut the die Mylar sheet for packaging.

Benefits Of Die Mylar In Packaging

If you use die Mylar for your packaging, then you can include additional benefits of the Mylar sheet with the die-cutting benefits.

There are two standard forms of Mylar available in the market:

  • The Mylar A is a milky white sheet, which translucent, strong, and durable.

  • The Mylar D is a clear film that is available in Matte, Hazy, Pressure Sensitive, Black, and other forms.

Here are some benefits of using die Mylar and die-cutting for packaging:

  1. Durability

Die Mylar is a durable material with high mechanical strength. This means that your resultant packaging is durable and strong. It won’t break or experience shape deformation with little pressure. The contents inside the packaging can be safely delivered to the customer.

  1. Heat Tolerance

In die-cutting, when we use die Mylar, it offers you heat-resistant properties. For example, if you are packaging products that may be damaged with excessive heat, then Mylar can protect your product. It has heat-resistant properties, which may be able to secure your product.

  1. Dimensional Stability

Die Mylar is a dimensionally stable sheet, which helps you create a stable design for the packaging. As a result, you receive a nicely designed and dimensionally appealing product for your packaging.

  1. Quick Packaging

With the die-cutting process, we can create packaging with just one die. Once you have prepared the die, you can use it for die Mylar quickly. In very little amount, you can create many packaging shapes.

  1. Cost-Effective

Since the die is prepared only once and reused multiple times for cutting, the entire process is cost-effective. Further, die Mylar is also a cost-effective plastic sheet when compared to other materials of the same durability.


Die-cutting is a cost-effective, durable method used for packaging. You only need to create one die for the die Mylar sheet and keep using it for multiple packaging cuttings. This reduces the time involved in the packaging, eliminates delays, and creates a sustainable model with the least wastage.

Simply understand the type of packaging you need for your business, understand the process of creating a die, and find the material you wish to use for packaging. With these answers, you would be able to reduce costs and improve the efficiency of the product packaging.

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