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The importance of grow room vinyl panels for optimal Cannabis cultivation

Author Bio – James Hurley was looking for panels for his grow room walls. He found Duramax grow room vinyl panels an ideal replacement for FRP. James immediately ordered customized grow room wall panels from the Duramax inventory. He was highly pleased with the strong wall covering at affordable factory costs. James highly recommends Duramax wall panels for their strength and durability.

Cannabis cultivation requires a clean and hygienic environment for optimal growth. The weatherproof indoor plantation requires durable wall coverings for the grow room walls. Installing premium quality grow room wall panels can ensure higher yields inside the controlled indoor environment. Moisture is the biggest concern inside the grow rooms that need to be controlled. Investing in grow room vinyl panels can ideally balance the moisture and humidity inside the commercial sector. Although dehumidification is vital, the vinyl panels are also a good investment for the long haul. Let’s find out the importance of vinyl panels to guarantee you higher yields.

Waterproof wall panels 

Ideally, the humidity inside the grow rooms should not exceed more than 70%. Excess moisture and humidity can damage the crops. That’s why installing grow room wall panels is essential. The vinyl panels made from 100% virgin material is resistant to mold and moisture. The PVC panels have a sturdy non-porous surface that doesn’t absorb moisture. Rather the PVC material sheds off excess moisture from the surface. The vinyl panels have no backers to attract moisture and are an ideal waterproof wall covering. Get 100% water-resistant and damp-free walls and ceilings by covering them with virgin vinyl wall panels.

Easy to clean 

Cleaning the grow room walls can be a Herculean task. Installing FRP or drywall will require professional assistance from experts whenever you decide to do the cleaning. That’s why vinyl panels are most recommended for grow rooms. The vinyl panels are maintenance-free and require no professional upkeep. The PVC panels don’t stain, rot and are easy to clean. Wipe the wallboard with a damp mop and retain the pristine white look for the long haul. Vinyl panels are resistant to most chemicals, making the cleanups easy with bleaching agents and other detergents. The grow room panels have no crevices to hide dirt, debris, or filth. The waterproof wall panels are a hygienic choice and resistant to mold, mildew, and bacterial infestation. The hygienic wall panels ensure good growth of the Cannabis plantation all year round.

Certified and compliant wall panels 

The grow room vinyl panels are CFIA-certified, ASTM-certified, and compliant with the FDA quality parameters. The PVC panels have the longest lifespan and last 50 years with minimal upkeep. The wall panels have a thick ½ inch structure that ensures good insulation and protects the walls and ceilings from damage. In addition, the internal webbed truss design makes the wall panels a strong material ideal for high-traffic commercial spaces.

Cost-effective wall panels 

The high-end grow room panels made from virgin vinyl are a cost-effective alternative to FRP or drywall. Initially, you might find the vinyl panels more expensive, but the wallboard is cost-effective in the long run. FRP panels and drywall are high-maintenance, and the laborious installation is not pocket-friendly. Rather the vinyl wall panels are relatively easier to maintain, and the DIY installation is highly affordable. In addition, the vinyl panels are not susceptible to callbacks for repairing, which again makes the one-time investment worth every penny.

Get the panel from the factory unit

Duramax vinyl panels come directly from the factory in 2 weeks. Get a no-cost consultation today. Request a free quote. Avail your complimentary sample now.


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