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The Best Way to Introduce Contactless Ordering in Your Restaurant

As a restaurant owner, you should pay close attention to your customers. They’re spending a lot of money on your establishment, and the least you can do is make it convenient for them to pay even more!

Did you know that…?

48% of iPhone users have purchased with their device.

20% of mobile transactions are done with PayPal.

70% of consumers prefer mobile wallet payment.

Make sure you stay ahead of the game by using this new technology to your advantage. Contactless ordering is something everyone’s talking about, but what exactly is it?

Contactless Ordering

Basically, it’s a type of system that allows customers to pay for what they order without the need for a physical card or cash. You might have seen these in restaurants, bars and coffee shops already, but if you haven’t, it’s the time! (Credit Information: https://youkey.com.au/youkeypos)

If you are new to Contactless ordering technology, these are some of the ways you can use to introduce it in your business:

These are step-by-step instructions on how you can start using this technology in your business. Ready? Let’s do it!

1) Place a QR code on every guest’s table:

Perhaps, most people may not be accustomed to using self-serve ordering methods, assisting them in every possible way will make the process easier for them to adopt.

QR codes enable customers to scan the menu using their smartphones, place their orders, and pay for it in a contactless way.

Furthermore, these quick response codes redirect people to a particular website or app and place their preference orders. Besides, the charges are then sent to the POS systems and the kitchen for other processes- payment purposes and food preparation.

2) Provide a seamless contactless ordering manual:

Another way to introduce contactless ordering without hassle is to provide a user manual written or visual graphics to every client. You can use the restaurant’s LCD screen, projector or tablet to advertise and introduce your business changes to every client.

According to a study, after being accustomed to the steps of the self-ordering system, customers found it more welcoming and comfortable to dine in a restaurant compared to the ones that neglect this process.

3) Offer Discounts or BOGO deals on digital payments:

Relieving some prices on your meals attracts more customers than you may actually wonder. And doing this via online payments also keeps your POS systems working.

Besides, you may also inform them about the various benefits that digital payment holds for them, such as:

  • Increase the credibility of the clients in their respective bank if they pay via credit cars
  • UPI payments provide them with cash backs up to 100 per cent
  • Keep the customers from standing in queues for hours to make the payment
  • Minimizes the risks of meeting infections through human contact

4) Avail discounts on the online menu:

Relaxing some prices on the online menu excites people to choose the online ordering option over the offline menu cards. In addition, it eventually introduces them to the new world of dining i.e. contactless ordering.

5) Advertise your Contactless Ordering:

Promote it on social media, maybe adding some cool pictures of people paying with their mobile devices at your restaurant or bar! You can use hashtags like #contactless payment or #QRcode to get more likes.


On the whole, making up your mind about adopting a contactless ordering system is a huge step towards success. So, Don’t hesitate to use this technology but employ intelligent measures to make it exciting for your business and the customers.

Also, stick with the steps mentioned above and end the hassles of “how” or “when” you can use it in your business. Just do it!

Furthermore, if you have any queries on where to purchase a contactless ordering system, Youkey has got you back; they are some of the top dealers of robotics and, therefore, can help you with the concern. Visit the website to get details.

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