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Stop complaining about dairy FRP panels – Get high-end vinyl panels to eradicate dampness

Author Bio – Shelly Sheldon was looking for high-quality dairy wall panels. She dismissed the offer to install the dairy FRP panels as they stain quite easily and are vulnerable to repairs. Instead, Shelly contacted Duramax for dairy vinyl panels and was hugely impressed with the high-quality wall material at factory costs. She highly recommends Duramax PVC Panels.

Did you know the dairy FRP panels were hugely popular as a wall cladding material? The sad part is that FRP panels failed to protect the milking parlor from dampness leading to mold growth and detrimental bacterial infestation. The bacteria contaminated the food products leading to many dairy parlors shutting down. However, some smart businesses switched from FRP to dairy vinyl panels. Installing dairy wall panels is non-negotiable, but making the right choice is still achievable, provided you clearly know the wall material’s pros and cons.

PVC assures 100% moisture resistance 

The dairy wall panels must ensure 100% water resistance to keep the commercial milking parlor damp-free. The high humidity levels inside the high-traffic commercial dairy parlor must be tactfully controlled. Installing non-porous and backer-free vinyl panels is better than traditional FRP. The rivet-free PVC panels are 100% waterproof, as the non-porous surface wicks off moisture and stops liquid seepage. The PVC panels are waterproof and, thereby, highly durable lasting for 45 to 50 years post-installation, devoid of any repair callbacks. On the other hand, FRP wall panels have rivets and backers that trap or absorb moisture leading to rotting, rusting, and peeling. The FRP panels are not 100% water resistant and are a bad choice for humid commercial applications.

PVC panels are low maintenance 

The wall panels inside the dairy farms can stain, fade or attract debris, which is why low-maintenance wall materials are preferable. The dairy FRP panels with rough surfaces and crevices tend to stain, fade, turn yellow, and harbor waste inside the fissures. Maintaining the FRP panels requires expert assistance, as you need to ensure they are not damaged during the cleaning process. Excess use of soap and cleaning agents is prohibited from cleaning the stained FRP panels, making maintenance a huge challenge. On the other hand, chemical-resistant PVC wall panels can be washed with bleaches, mild detergents, and soaps. The vinyl panels never fade, turn yellow, stain, or discolor. The PVC panels are cleanable with a pressure washer or can be wiped by a damp mop to retain the pristine white look. Low-maintenance PVC panels seldom require professional assistance and can be easily cleaned by a novice laborer at any given time.

PVC is mold-free and extremely hygienic 

Unlike FRP, the dairy vinyl panels with an anti-mold coated surface are extremely hygienic. While FRP panel molding is a common cause of distress for businesses, vinyl wall material holds the reputation of never molding or harboring mildew, bacteria, viruses, or any microbes. The PVC panels are FDA-compliant, non-toxic, and adhere to the regulatory principles laid down by CFIA and ASTM. The PVC panels undergo rigorous quality checks at the factory before getting dispatched in DIY kits to the respective customers.

Final Words 

Shop for PVC panels at Duramax. The high-quality PVC wall material is guaranteed to help you save 40% on material costs and 50% on labor charges during installation. Furthermore, Duramax PVC Panels come customized within 2 weeks. The vinyl panels are a single-time investment with a limited lifetime warranty. Get a quote today. Avail of the free sample. Call us at 323-991-7507.

The dairy wall panels from FRP start rotting, molding, and peeling. Installing high-end dairy vinyl panels is a better choice as they are durable, mold-free, antibacterial, and low maintenance. The vinyl panels are 4x times better than FRP and are guaranteed to last longer than fiberglass.


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