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Some Fast Trading Platforms in India to boost your Profit

In today’s fast-paced stock trading landscape, the role of a trading platform has surged like never before. Whether you have just started investing in stocks or doing it seamlessly as a stock trade, the technological advancements in the sector have touched almost everyone indulged in share trading.

At a time when everyone is vying to make profits out of their stock investments, the nimbleness of the chosen trading platforms sets the difference between profit and loss. This is why experts recommend choosing the best trading platform in India by looking at each & every aspect of the same. Among various factors responsible to define the overall performance of the trading platform, speed is an important one. The chosen trading platform must be swift to react when you place a buy or sell order or do any other transaction over it.

Even if you are working with the best trading app in India, the value of the chosen trading platform is enormous. There are primarily three types of trading platforms available in India.

  1. Desktop-based
  2. Browser-based
  3. Mobile-based

So, here are some of the fastest trading platforms in India available today.

Zerodha Kite 3.0

Zerodha Kite is essentially a browser-based stock trading platform that has a bandwidth consumption of not more than 0.5 Kbps. To get the best out of this, you just need an excellent internet connection and there are no specific system requirements.

This best mutual fund app in India provides seamless access to full Marketwatch, advanced charting with 100+ indicators, and 6 chart categories. To gain an edge on trading, you can access the large-scale historical price data related to various stocks and F&O contracts. This highly advanced trading platform allows users to put Bracket and Cover orders in no time. Moreover, you can choose to monitor 20 market depths to check market liquidity and trade respectively.


  • Over 100 chart indicators and 6 categories
  • Negligible bandwidth consumption of just 0.5 kbps
  • Option to check 20 market depth


  • No option to trade right through charts

Upstox Pro Web

Another swift web-based trading platform is Upstox Pro Web trading platform which is backed by Upsox, the best stock broker in India. Just like Kite by Zerodha, this trading platform doesn’t ask for any specific hardware and software specifications. To begin trading, you just a PC with good quality internet connection.

The trading platform enables easy trading by featuring over 100 chart indicators. You can put cover orders and bracket orders through one order entry form. In addition, the widget feature customizes the platform to match one’s exclusive trading style.

The popular widgets available in Upstox Pro Web are Charts, Watchlist, Order Book and Position Book.


  • Option to utilize 100+ indicators and historical date of over a decade
  • Widget feature
  • The chart-based order placement feature


  • Absence of market depth tool

5Paisa Mobile Trading Platform

5 Paisa mobile trading app allows stock investors to trade in equity, buy digital gold, invest in mutual funds, buy insurance, and even apply for personal loans.

There is an option to place orders through a single-click order placement. The mobile trading app features next-gen charts, drawing features and in-depth stock research which pave the way for seamless stock trading.


  • Access to stock advisory tools
  • 100+ preset stock screeners
  • Option to buy digital gold, insurance, personal loans and mutual funds


Zerodha Kite Mobile

Kite by Zerodha mobile trading app allows access through a biometric system. The clean and smart user interface of Kite gives it an edge in today’s competitive stock trading environment. Zerodha incurs a flat brokerage of Rs. 20 for intraday and F&O trading. However, the delivery trades incur zero fees.

The app gives access to progressive market charts, Chart IQ and other Zerodha apps & services such as Varsity, Coin, and Sentinel.


  • One-tap login to all Zerodha apps
  • Access through Biometric imprint
  • Integrated console reports & Chart IQ tool


  • Lack of trade totals and margin information
  • The low rating of 4 on the Google play store

Angel Broking App

If you are looking for the best trading platform in India, the Angel app by Angel Broking could be an excellent choice. It offers nearly 40 technical chart indicators that make technical analysis and trading quite easier.

The app comes united with Angel Broking’s flagship ARQ tool which further augments the portfolio performance. The easy usability and swift response of the app make it a wonderful stock trading platform in today’s fast-paced stock trading settings. The app gives access to the past ten transactions against Ledger, Funds and DP reports right from the dashboard.

Nonetheless, the app features a smart design and clutter-free user interface.


  • ARQ feature combined
  • Seamless access to stock advisory and market research reports
  • Smart interface


  • A limited number of chart indicators and overlays
  • No option to invest in IPOs, mutual funds, and bonds

The Conclusion

At a time when stock traders have lesser time to react to a buy or sell call, the nimbleness of the trading platform is of utmost necessity. So, if you are looking for the best trading platform in India, the above-mentioned trading platforms are considered the best in terms of speed and features. However, you can do your own research too and choose the one that matches your needs the best.

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