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Several Festivals You Can Enjoy in Quirino Province

Quirino Province is a landlocked province in the Philippines located in the Cagayan Valley Region in Luzon. Its capital is Cabarroguis. Quirino is dubbed as the “Forest Heartland of Cagayan Valley”. It was created in 1971 and named after former President Elpidio Quirino, the 6th President of the Philippines. The province is known for its rugged topography, which makes it a beautiful paradise for outdoor-loving travelers. This article will surely show you what are the beautiful and memorable festivals in Quirino Province.

Penankakasisit Festival

This festival was held to commemorate the municipality’s founding each year. It is the coming together in harmony and celebration of all the local tribes and cultures. It includes the “Ilongots,” an indigenous tribe who were either the first settlers in the province or the area’s original cultural communities. The representation of their archaic cultural traditions, such as the PADONG as the battle dance and the TAGUEM as their courtship and wedding rituals, is a component of the celebration. Celebrations on February 22–25 each year.

Panagdadapun Festival

The Panagdadapun Festival is a display of the Province of Quirino’s distinctive culture, the coming together of all tribes, and its vivid past. It corresponds with the Araw ng Quirino Foundation and is observed every year in September.

Pammadayaw Festival

The Panagdadapun Festival serves as a display for the Province of Quirino’s distinctive culture, blending of various tribes, and vivid past. This festival is a celebration that motivates persons who are industrious and achievers in any field of knowledge and vocation via recognizing and bestowing honors or “Pammadayaw”. It is held every September to coincide with the Araw ng Quirino Foundation. Moreover, it is one of the major Filipino characteristics that we respect and adore. It is because it inspires us to provide better public service and government, empower people, and advance the fields of agriculture, health, and the environment. Every year from July 1 to 3, people celebrate it.

Panagsalukag Festival

Celebrated every July 27th and 28th by rising at the crack of dawn, going to work on the farm, and returning home at dusk, they demonstrated the worth of their industry and hard work. Laughter, dancing, chants, songs, and good times are used to convey how much the workers enjoy the tasks at hand. In order to deal with the challenges of farming, it fosters relaxation and excitement.

Panagsasalog Festival

Reflects the age-old practices of leaving for home at sunset after working in the fields. These often happen in lowlands, at the crack of morning. The celebration shows how social interactions take place while expressing gratitude to God for a bountiful harvest. It displays the custom of “bayanihan” during the celebrations. Every year from June 12 to 15, the celebration is observed.

Key Takeaway

The celebrations in the young province of Quirino are also young. Each municipality displays its Festivals to locals and tourists while decked out in brilliant and colorful decorations. Quirinians really put their effort into every aspect that they do, may it be museums, tourist spots, hotels, and especially their festivals, these are rituals for thanks and celebration for a wealthy life so do not miss the chance to visit Quirino Province on special dates where they celebrate their festivals.

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