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Ricoh releases electronic blackboard for education

Ricoh will release the “RICOH Interactive Whiteboard A6500-Edu” as an educational model. The electronic blackboard RICOH IWB on March 15, 2022 for cert 4 it. Which has both easy-to-use functions and simple operability.

In February 2013, Ricoh release the electronic blackboard RICOH IWB, which promotes collaboration of “projecting, writing, connecting, and sharing” in various places such as offices. It has been mainly used as a device to support the worksite of cert 4 it.

In the field of education, the ICT maintenance rate will rise at a stretch due to the GIGA school concept from 2019. There is also an urgent need to install a large presentation device. For this reason, Ricoh has developed the “RICOH Interactive Whiteboard A6500-Edu” to provide electronic blackboards suitable for educational settings. It will be release on March 15, 2022.

Wide viewing angle

The A6500-Edu has a 65-inch screen size and is equipe with a 4K-compatible high-definition display. In addition to a wide viewing angle, it has specifications that are easy on the eyes. And are not tiring due to the prevention of reflection of fluorescent lights and the blue light cut mode.

In addition, USB Type-C realizes smart device connection and unifies video signals, touch operations, and power cables. By arranging the operation panel and device connection interface on the front, you can smoothly prepare for use and operate the device without turning to the back.

In addition, a whiteboard application and two styluses are installing as standard. Since you can write directly on the projection screen, you can write on the board directly on the projection screen of a PC screen or electronic textbook.

Support the era of individual terminals

In addition, a wireless projection function from children’s / students’ PCs and tablets is also install. And as a standard to support the era of individual terminals. Since it can be divide into up to 9 parts, it is possible to realize interactive lessons. Such as comparing group work and remote instruction from an electronic blackboard.

A browser is installe as standard, and in addition to being able to browse the Web and link with cloud services. It also has a full range of components such as timers and ballot boxes. So that screen recordings, computers and event calendars. Since any Android application can be add, remote lessons using the Web conferencing system. And various learning support applications can be use.

School free plan expansion spring classroom

Mechanism Design announced on March 1, 2022, that it will expand the free plan for schools of the digital sketchbook of diploma of information technology “Springin’Classroom” that can be programmed and support the Chromebook version.

The mechanism design is from Fukuoka, which develops a new generation musical instrument “KAGURA” that can detect the movement of hands and body with a computer camera and can play without touching it, and provides a visual programming application “Springin'”. Company. We are focusing on developing creative human resources that will lead the future of the Japanese manufacturing industry.

Conduct programming lessons using the visual

“Springin’Classroom” is a teaching material package for elementary schools, classrooms. And private schools where you can conduct programming lessons using. The visual programming app “Springin'”. You can create original works such as games and picture books. And musical instruments with sounds and movements by simply combining 37 attribute icons with your drawings and photographs.

For example, by replacing what was conventionally summarized in notebooks and imitation paper, such as social summary learning and observation diary, results of science experiments and creation of works by drawing work, with “Springin’Classroom”, it is digital while programming. It can also be expresse as a work, which leads to deepening the learning of the subject.

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