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Reasons to use Parcel mailing bags and Jiffy Padded Envelopes

Shipping is an integral part of a product-based business. Corrugated boxes are used for shipping fragile or big items. But that’s not the case always. E-commerce needs to cut back on high packaging costs. Thus, the high demand for mailing bags. Parcel mailing bags are an affordable and efficient alternative that offers a lot of benefits to businesses.

parcel mailing bags

Parcel mailing bags or jiffy envelopes come in a lot of sizes, materials, finishes, and colours. This makes them super convenient for e-commerce stores. For the last few years, poly mailers are dominating the e-commerce market fiercely and there are credible reasons for that. That is what we will discuss today.

They are space-saving

Space is a big factor when it comes to shipping. There are hundreds of products that businesses deliver everyday. And we are talking about smaller firms. For big enterprises, it can go from thousands to millions.

So, assumably, businesses need to ship as many items as possible at once to save costs in transit. Boxes take a lot of space. But poly mailers, on the other hand, can be stacked in hundreds. When the rusk in packaging happens, cardboard boxes can clutter the space due to their bulky size. Poly mailers can be stored easily, assembled fast, making the operation less time-consuming.

Easily customised and branded

Poly mailers are super easy to customise. We understand how branding is important to businesses. It helps to connect with the customers, create your market identity.

For small businesses, who cannot afford luxurious customisation, poly mailers come in handy. They are available in a lot of colours, like pink, grey, blue, white, etc. You can simply put the graphics, branding, logo, and necessary information.

They are cost-efficient

This is one of the primary benefits of jiffy padded envelopes and parcel mailing bags. Companies usually sell these in bulk at a competitive price. They also cut the price of packing tapes. Most of them have peel-and-seal options that offer convenience to both the customers and dispatchers.

For small businesses that don’t have huge funds, these plastic mailing bags are the best option to deliver their products.

They are moisture resistant

Not only poly mailers are affordable, but they also provide water damage protection and moisture resistance. These mailing bags hardly get affected due to bad weather conditions.

You can use these packing items to ship overseas, in humid areas and colder areas as well. They eliminate the possibility of moisture damage or water damage to the products.

Can be recyclable

Parcel mailing bags, nowadays, can be 100% recyclable.

There are poly mailers like Kraft bubble mailing bags which are sustainable and made from paper pulp.

So, there are different types of mailing bags. But the two most used are plastic postage bags and jiffy padded envelopes.

What to use when?

Plastic postage bags havea single lining. They are made from recycled plastic material and often come with an adhesive seal.

Jiffy padded envelopes have double padding. It is mostly bubble wraps or foam cushions to protect the products inside the package.

Jiffy padded envelope

jiffy envelopes are useful for packaging in semi-fragile items like jewellery, CDs, small electronic gadgets (headphones) etc.

The bubble wrap protects the important papers against water damage or moisture. They too come with an adhesive seal.

Mailing bags are mostly used in the e-commerce and retail industry. However, it has a high demand in the academic sector as well.

Parcel bags are used to deliver question papers, research papers, answer sheets, contracts, etc. The financial and medical sectors rely on mailing bags for their services as well.

Does your company use parcel mailing bags? What are the benefits you have experienced with these packing materials?

Let us know in the comments below!

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