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Locked out of your car? A few tips for getting back behind the wheel!

Every motorist dreads being stuck outside their car. Unfortunately, you do not have a spare key on hand and are often in a hurry in such a case. Worse still: your child or dog is locked in the vehicle alone. How do you get out of this situation? 

Ask a relative to bring you the duplicate key

Are you stuck outside your car? Ask yourself two key questions.

  • Question 1: Is the situation stable and not urgent?
  • Question 2: Is the situation dangerous, or does it involve life-threatening?

The answer to these questions will determine the approach to be taken. If the situation is stable, you have time to find a solution. First, check all access to the passenger compartment. Maybe a door is open? Also, try the chest… Are your attempts in vain? Next, call your spouse or loved one. He can bring you the duplicate key and get you out of trouble.

But what if you can’t reach anyone? It may be that your spouse is precisely in the middle of a meeting… Don’t you have a double? Using a locksmith is a possibility. I can also provide you with some tips to solve the problem on your own.

Tips for opening your door yourself

Is the situation not urgent? Then look for a smart solution (you have time). “You can always break your car window, but you would probably prefer to avoid such an end. Fortunately, the fireman taught us a few tricks to open a door without damaging the vehicle. Use the string technique if your door has a visible or protruding locking button

Is devoid of a protruding locking button, opt for the technique of iron hook and air cushions.

For the second tip, air cushions are not essential. You can also make a small opening with a piece of iron or a screwdriver, then insert the rod into the opening. In this case, however, you must be extra careful not to damage your vehicle.

What materials can be helpful? “I’ve seen it all.” An iron hanger, the car’s antenna, or even the bracket keeps the hood open. People are creative in an emergency.

Break a window to the outside

Is the situation life-threatening? The reaction to adopt is then very different. Call the emergency car locksmith Tampa services immediately”. It is the first and most vital action to take. Then tackle the problem step by step.

  • Have someone pick up or notify the vehicle owner.
  • Check if any doors are open.
  • Make sure a witness is present, who can later confirm that lives were at stake.
  • Break a window.

What window to break? Smaller side windows in a car are more expensive and more difficult to replace. What’s more, you’re not sure you can get into the car through that little window. Preferably break a large car window, as far away as possible from people or animals trapped inside. »

Is your car window cracked? Make an appointment locksmith in Tampa now for a replacement.

The sergeant gives another important piece of advice: “Break the back window first. Proceed with caution. Then remove the large glass outward. » You do not have the necessary tools or knowledge? Wait for the arrival of the emergency services. They have the right equipment and will overcome each situation safely and in a minimum of time. “We completely cover the glass with a particular film. “We then break it down cautiously. This allows us to remove the glass in its entirety, with a minimum of glass shards.

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