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Liquid Flow Meters for Industrial Use at the Best Price

You can only get the best out of a flow meter by pairing it with the right flow system or application. That can only be achieved by understanding how flow meters work. Liquid flow meter technologies come in numerous variations. Most of them are categorized based on their working principles. They are also available at different price tags based on the features they come with.
Accuracy is the biggest determinant of how much a liquid flow meter will cost. While some flow meters offer greater accuracy levels. And others will offer lower accuracy levels simply because they are not necessary for the flow measurement process. Other types of flow meters put more emphasis on repeatability than accuracy. All these contribute to the cost of a flow meter.
In this post, we are going to explore the various kinds of flow meters that have relatively lower price tags than others. As much as there are cheaper flow meters in the market, you need to consider other factors, such as the application requirements, before buying them. Proteus Industries offers customers flow meter selection guidelines to ensure that they pick a liquid flow meter that meets their application requirements.

Differential pressure flow meter types 

DP flow meters, as they are commonly known, use Bernoulli’s equation to measure flow rate. This type of flow meter works by creating a constriction where the liquid is flowing through the pipeline. They are quite affordable compared to other kinds of flow meters. When constructions happen, the pressure will also go down. Flow rate is derived from the pressure drop along with the constriction.
According to Bernoulli, the flow rate is directly proportional to the drop of pressure in the constriction. If you are looking for an affordable liquid flow meter that meets the requirements of your application or flow rate, then DP flow meters will work out just fine. Not only are they inexpensive to purchase, but they are also affordable to run and install.
The price of buying a flow meter is usually determined by the features that the flow meter offers. It is better to buy an expensive flow meter that meets your flow measurement requirements than to buy a cheaper flow meter that won’t work well.
Differential pressure flow meters are common in many speed measurement industries because they work effectively with a wide range of liquids. Almost 50 percent of flow meters used in the world consist of differential pressure flow meters.

Thermal flow meter types 

Thermal mass flow meters, as they are commonly called, utilize the fluid’s thermal properties to provide an accurate flow rate of liquids. Heat is usually transferred using heaters, and thermal sensors are used to gauge heat transfer in these types of flow meters.
Heat is transferred to the liquid flow meter. The flow is then provided as an understandable term. Thermal flow meters make suitable types of flow meters when you want to measure mass flow rate. Coriolis and thermal mass flow meters belong to a category of flow meters called mass flow meters.
They are known to offer greater accuracy levels when measuring flow rate. When the fluid that requires measurement goes through the pipe, heat is transferred to the walks of the flow meter. Thermal mass flow meters make ideal flow meters for measuring gas and oil substances.

Ultrasonic flow meter

When you want to measure the flow rate in fluids that are likely to damage the flow meter, you need to use ultrasonic flow meters. The fluid passing through the pipe hardly comes into contact with the liquid flow meter. Because it uses ultrasound or sound waves to measure the flow rate.
When the fluid that is passing through the pipe moves inside, it creates sound waves. which are used to determine the flow rate. You Don’t need to interfere with the flow when installing ultrasonic flow meters because they are mounted on the pipeline. Their cost of operation is low because they hardly need maintenance.


Flow meters make ideal instruments for measuring flow rate accurately. However, pairing flow meters correctly with the right flow system will give you desirable results. The price of a particular liquid flow meter is usually determined by the features it offers, including the accuracy levels. If you lack the knowledge to determine which type of flow meter is needed in your flow system, you can ask for assistance from your flow meter provider or manufacturer. 

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