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How to Use a Vacuum Cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners have made life easy for homeowners. Sofas and carpets can now be cleaned very easily. Year after year, newer, more advanced, and more compact models hit the market, and their prices are falling too.

Knowing when and how to use a vacuum cleaner is now even more important. It leads to easy and effective cleaning. With the right knowledge, maintenance is also easy. If you’re looking for a guide to show you how to use a vacuum cleaner, this post is for you.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

Canister Vacuum: It is very popular all over the world. The price is quite affordable and the bag does not have to be laboriously changed.

Handheld vacuum cleaner: As the name suggests, it can be operated with just one hand. It is light and suitable for daily cleaning.

Stick vacuum cleaner: It’s quite expensive, but it pays off with its powerful cleaning performance.

Upright vacuum cleaner: The upright stick vacuum cleaner is perfect for carpets. It offers both dry and wet cleaning options.

Vacuum cleaner robot: This automatic vacuum cleaner takes over the sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming of carpets. It is also an expensive type of vacuum cleaner. You can control it with the help of mobile apps.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Understanding the Components of a Vacuum Cleaner

There are Vacuum cleaners of different models on the market today. We discuss the latest and standard models.

The top models support both wet and dry cleaning. Regardless of the make and model, all vacuum cleaners are also equipped with filters. A wet and dry vacuum cleaner has two filters: one for dry cleaning and one for wet cleaning. If you are cleaning wet, take out the HEPA dry cleaning filter.

The dirtbag or canister must be constantly emptied or replaced and must be tidied up when it is half full.

Vacuum cleaners with long cables make handling easier. Also, LED displays are preferred because they are visible without using too much power.

Premium models also have an auto-clean switch that cleans the HEPA filter by reversing the airflow. They can also offer non-contact filter cleaning.

Another premium feature to look out for is the automatic cable rewind mechanism that is available on inexpensive models. It ensures quick and natural storage of the power cord. It also protects the cable from external damage.

The more you invest, the more you will enjoy hassle-free cleaning.

Stick vacuum cleaner

List of Attachments

Cleaners also come with a range of attachments. Know what each essay is for and how to use it. With attachments, you can do a lot more than just vacuum conventionally. They help to reach inaccessible places and meet unconventional requirements. Here we have listed some of the most popular vacuum cleaner attachments:

Carpet brush: The carpet vacuum cleaner is used to vacuum dirt and dust from carpets. It ensures the most effective cleaning of carpets.

Floor brush: This is an accessory that helps remove dust particles and allergens from the floor.

Wet mop: It helps to clean wet surfaces and comes in handy when cleaning up spilled coffee or curry.

Crevice nozzle: It helps to remove dust from inaccessible areas. Classic examples of inaccessible places are wall corners and sofa corners.

Flexible hose: It is included in the delivery of the top models and helps to control the suction power with the help of external holes.

Grill cleaner: With this small accessory you can remove stubborn dust from your grills and window sills.

All-Surface Cleaner: With this little additive, you can keep even the most difficult-to-clean areas sparkling clean. You can use it on curtains, hard surfaces, bed sills, and mattresses.

Flexi-Cleaner: With its flexible design, it can also reach inaccessible places. For example, you can easily clean shelf surfaces.

Spray bottle: This small attachment can be used for watering indoor plants.

Precision Cleaner: It’s a multi-blower that can blow dust out of corners and even inflate balloons.

Small wet wiper: It can remove spilled liquids on wet surfaces. He makes everything squeaky clean. The small squeegee is best for cleaning pillows and glass surfaces.

Car Wash Adapter: This blower accessory helps in cleaning cars by attaching a tube to the nozzle.

Almost all accessories fit in the storage space of these models. You can also keep them safe in a travel bag.

Big vacuum cleaner

4 Steps of Vacuum Cleaning Your Home

1. Switch on the Device

Turn on the device. Wait for the displays that signal that the device is active and ready for use. Before use, attach the hose to the suction or fan side of the device. Choose the ending depending on your intended use. Turn the power button to active / on mode. The high-end models also have other modes such as eco-cleaning and full throttle.

2. Adjust the Height

Examine the sack or canister to see how full it is. The containers must be finished as early as possible. When that’s done, adjust the vacuum cleaner to a height that is suitable for the full length of the carpet. If it is set too low, it will not have enough airflow. If it’s set too high, it can’t suck enough.

3. Move It Smoothly

Move all smaller objects out of the way. You can leave stools and coffee tables, but the smaller items will need to be removed. Move the vacuum cleaner back and forth over the area to be cleaned. Move it slowly and evenly. If you hurry, it won’t pick up the dirt.

4. Use the Attachments

Use the attachments that came with the vacuum cleaner. We have already listed many of the essays and their uses. Use special brushes and tools to clean corners, furniture edges, etc.

Long stick vacuum cleaner

Maintenance tips

If you know how to use a vacuum cleaner, you also need to know how to maintain it. Cleaning is part of maintenance.

Clean the vacuum brush

Submerge all of the brush attachments in a bucket of hot water and use detergent to wash them thoroughly. You can also use soapy water.

Dry the bristle brush

Use a towel to dry the attachments. Also, rub the inside of the bristles with it to dry them. This movement sucks up the moisture inside. Don’t use the bristle brush until it’s completely dry.

Combing the bristles

While you set the bristle brush aside to dry, you comb through the bristles. Pull out any hair and debris that has built up in it.

Rinse and repeat

Make cleaning a routine for maintaining your vacuum cleaner. Do it regularly, depending on how often you use it and how you want to clean it.

Automatic robot vacuum cleaner

Unconventional Uses of a Vacuum Cleaner

Get rid of allergens

Dust and pollen can be easily transported with the wind. If you have children who are allergic to it, a vacuum cleaner is your best friend. With the vacuum cleaner, you can rid your home of allergens without coming into contact with them. Make it a weekly routine to clear your home of allergens.

Clean a keyboard

What are joint seals for if not to clean a crumbled keyboard? Rub them with a little alcohol for better results. Then use a lint-free cloth to take the dust. Polish the buttons for a squeaky clean look.

Clean the washing machine’s lint filter

A vacuum cleaner brush is enough to get the job done. To make the work easier, you can also use the crevice nozzle. It will help remove the remaining lint from the filter.

Let the apartment smell

Dip cotton balls in essential oil or perfume. Choose flavors that are refreshing and pleasant. Place them in the vacuum bag and let the scent release while you vacuum. This is almost like an air freshener on steroids.

Collect crumbs

Crumbs are the main cause of rodent or pest infestation in homes. You can use a vacuum cleaner and its attachments to clean shelves in the refrigerator, grids in toasters, etc.


There are many different types of vacuum cleaners. Each has a specific purpose and is available in different designs. Some of the most common preferences are cordless and bagless vacuums. In this post, we’ve discussed the components of a regular home vacuum cleaner. Knowing the insides of a vacuum cleaner is important, even if it is only used occasionally.

We have also put together a long list of essays. Knowing the attachments is very useful when you have a variety of cleaning tasks to do. There are also a few unconventional uses that you should be aware of. Vacuum cleaner know-how also includes knowledge of maintenance. If you take care of your vacuum cleaner, it will take care of your house too.

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