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How to Recruit MLM Online?

Recruiting MLM prospects you are trying to build a system of multi-level marketing to increase your profits. You want to recruit people who can work under you in a pyramid selling scheme. You make money every time they make money, over and over again.

To do this successfully, you will need to recruit other marketers. I am going to tell you how to convert prospects into recruits, and how to find the prospects. The main thing you should be focusing on is your sales funnel and email list.

1. Set-up a Sales Funnel


First, create a report or buy a PLR report from Master Resale Rights related to your niche. Make sure that report is branded as your own and that you have edited it accordingly. If this first report is not of high quality then you will lose your prospects right off the bat.

Second, create a squeeze page that asks for someone’s email in exchange for the free report and more information on the topic. A good squeeze page is simple, to the point, and describes how this report is beneficial to the reader. Here is a great source for squeeze pages that has so many different options. Just look for something that looks like it is easy to edit, not too colorful, and makes YOU feel like you want to enter your email.

Third, Sign-up for an email list account at Aweber. Next, create your first list and set up 7 messages in a row related to your niche. Make these messages informative and interesting, and you can even give away another free report. You will want to send out 1 message each day for a week. This is a vital step because you are building a relationship with your prospect.

Fourth, on the 8th message, you want to offer them an application to join your MLM program. Tell them how it can benefit them and make sure you sell it so you can recruit prospects. This is where you get them to sign-up and hopefully start working “for” you.

Fifth, you want to keep up with your email list. If you cannot get your prospects on the 8th message, then try again on the 12th message. You can continuously load new messages and keep your loyal subscribers. Even if they are not completely interested in your MLM offer, you can always look for other areas where you can profit.

2. Drive Traffic to Squeeze Page


Okay, let’s just say you do not have a blog at this point getting web traffic. It is not feasible to quickly make your blog into a high-volume source of traffic. So how are you going to get targeted traffic to your squeeze page?

First, I would recommend trying to get traffic from social media. You can use websites like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+ to connect with people in your niche. It might be several weeks before you start seeing traffic from this source, but if you can optimize it correctly and gain fans, then you can make some recruits.

Second, I would look to websites like YouTube and Squidoo. You can easily upload a YouTube video and link it to your squeeze page. If you uploaded one YouTube video per day and create a large channel around your niche, then you will get targeted web traffic. You will find that you will be able to record, edit, and upload a YouTube video in an hour when you start doing it frequently. Squidoo is another place where you can write articles, rank high in search engines, and receive targeted traffic to your squeeze page.

Third, I would use targeted forums that allow a signature with your squeeze page link. Just leave 10-20 quality forum posts every day on a targeted forum. You will get prospects to your MLM offer before you know it.

3. Recruit MLM – In Conclusion


The main thing you need to focus on is your sales funnel. You can buy sales funnels or else you can just create one yourself. If it does not turn your prospects into recruits, then it is not working. So seriously focus on the conversion of your funnel.

What do you think about recruiting MLM prospects? Have you ever tried it before and succeeded? Or failed?

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