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How to make your House attractive with innovative Wall design ideas

Décor of the house enhances the beauty of a house and adds to its value. The interior decoration and wall design of the house done wisely can enhance the practical use and add to the house’s aesthetic value. For instance, a multi-purpose coffee table can be used as a storage box and table simultaneously. It also increases the attractiveness of the living area.

You can enjoy mental peace and comfort while boosting the productivity of any part of the house with decoration ideas. New house owners who have invested in a house for sale in Gulberg for the first time might find decorating their home a challenging task.

People usually have many ideas regarding furniture decoration, but walls are often left with no ideas. Hanging a picture or two or some landscape is all that comes to mind. Some might feel comfort in muted walls, but for many, walls give a statement; they love it when walls talk and make all the comforting noise. So here we are with a list of innovative wall design ideas to boost the appeal of your beautiful walls.

Let’s start with classy – Hang pictures:

Make your wall a story frame by hanging pictures. You can give a creative touch to the classy picture hanging concept by creating a gallery on your walls.

The picture on walls in a gallery mode will be like a walk down a memory lane, or you can create a gallery of your artwork and paintings. Here you can use innovative ideas to make it look more attractive. For instance, why not try random frames of different sizes, styles, and colors for a chic look.

The illusion of windows with curtains:

Add some fabric to walls and create an illusion of windows. You can also hang fabric in different manners to create an attractive texture to the wall. It is also budget-friendly wall art that can add aesthetic value to your house.

Personalize wall with different colors:

If you intend to live in the house permanently, you can personalize walls in any way you want. Color any specific wall of the room in bright colors to catch visitors’ attention. Different colors offer different aesthetic looks and make your room look spacious.


Hang elegant mirrors to fill the wall and add beauty to your house. The walls on the mirror create an illusion of a bigger room and add a luxurious touch. To get a comprehensive stylish touch to the room, you can place a smart coach or any piece of furniture underneath the mirror.

Hang Rugs:

Kilmis and patchwork art rugs give the modern-style house a classy and traditional look. It will also provide a warm look to your room and fill it with attractive colors.

Display Abstract Art:

Adding large and wide frames to create abstract art gives your lounge wall an enhanced and beautiful look. Abstract art helps in filling large walls and making your look artistic.

Stylish Wall Clock:

Install a sizeable oversized clock on the wall to give your living room a luxurious look. It will fulfill the empty wall and enhance the beauty of the room.

Mount Television:

Mounting a television on the wall can save lots of space on the floor. Mounted television acts best as a home cinema for family movie nights in big lounges. It also gives a modern and trendy look to the house. 

Let’s wrap it up:

It’s time to wrap, but it is not the end of the list; innovations have no limits from neo-lights to the poster, from glasswork art to bookshelves, you can choose what you find best. In the end, it all depends on you and your style choices. Create and make your home a cozy, comfortable, and more beautiful place to live. Happy Decorating!!!

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