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5 Best Virtual Games For Office Employees 2022

As the saying goes, the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. This is also true in terms of distributed teams. That’s why most companies organize virtual games for office to strengthen the bond of their remote employees. Virtual team building games for office give your team a sense of togetherness. 

When your employees work remotely, it can be a slight barrier to encourage team building without face-to-face contact. Because of this reason companies start to organize virtual games & activities for office to engage their employees. 

So, let’s take a look at virtual games of office that engage remote employees. 

Here are some virtual games for office 

Virtual team building games for office improve the morale of remote employees and their sense of belonging, which is important for remote workers’ overall productivity and satisfaction. Here are some online team-building games, let’s go through with them. 

Online Bingo

Make it a cooperative effort by having your teammates contribute suggestions for Bingo spaces. You may even give the winner a prize, such as an online gift card. Another advantage is that bingo is simple enough to integrate into a regular meeting.

Choose one person to serve as the moderator to make Bingo operate from afar. They’d say something random and then wait a few seconds for people to look through their cards for that phrase. If the player had that phrase on their card, they would mark that spot with a tool like paint.

Scavenger Hunt

When was the last time you went through your company’s website in detail? If you answered “Never,” now is your time to put your colleagues to the test. Create a group scavenger hunt using pages or tabs from your company’s website for yourself and your team members.

Make it a joint effort or a solitary endeavor. Whoever has the most points after 20 minutes wins! “Find the testimonial from X customer,” as a starting point for the scavenger hunt.

Lunch and Learn

Invite your team to a webinar to learn a new skill. Alternatively, have your coworkers take turns hosting mini lunch and learn sessions to learn how to do job functions more efficiently.

If your team members have extremely different duties, this could be an interesting opportunity to learn a little more about what they do. For example, your social media manager might host one session about his role with social accounts, while your site designer might host another about her UX design experience.

Never Have I Ever

“Never Have I Ever” is another simple stress reliever that allows you to get to know more about your colleagues. The following are the rules: a team member mentions something they’ve never done before, but if the players have, one of their fingers is lowered. The one who has the most fingers left at the end of the game wins.

Virtual escape room

Over the last few years, escape rooms have been increasingly popular as a fun method for teams and groups of friends to socialize while solving a hard puzzle or defeating another team. When the pandemic hit, however, escape rooms were no longer feasible — at least not in the usual sense.

However, several popular online escape rooms have recently appeared, allowing you and your friends or coworkers to put on your puzzle-solving hats and enjoy a couple of hours of fun.


We hope these virtual games for office help you to engage your remote employees. These virtual team-building games also boost your remote workers’ morale and their productivity. So, surprise your remote workers with these online activities and show them how much you appreciate their work & them. 

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