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How to Clean your Car at Home?

Cars are always a great source of pride for car owners the best part of owning a car is looking after it and maintaining it.

Because, with proper care and maintenance, a car can live longer, perform better and even look better.

How to clean your car at home is a problem that many people have. You can either spend a lot of money to go to a car wash or you can spend some time cleaning your car in the comfort of your home.

This blog will help you understand the ways that you can clean your car at home. So, let us discuss how to clean your car at home.

Ultimate Guide: Cleaning of Car

Clean Car from outside

When washing your car, take care to remove all grime. Scratching the paint is a common mistake that many people make when they’re washing their vehicles.

To avoid causing wear and tear with your sponge or brush, soak them in soapy water before you begin washing.

To begin, try cleaning the salt and grime off your car with baking soda. Add one cup of baking soda to a gallon of soapy hot water to make a powerful agent that can cut through winter buildup.

To remove tree sap, you can use either Denatured alcohol or peanut butter. Dab peanut butter or solid shortening onto the affected area of your car, let it sit for about a minute, and then wipe off with a cloth.

Another option is to try applying Denatured alcohol directly onto the sap, this may take some practice before you’re able to get all of it off but it will definitely work eventually.

Wash your car using shampoo. If you’re having trouble removing oil stains and other debris from the paint on your vehicle, then you can avoid scratching or harming its finish by cleaning it with ordinary shampoo.

You can use a mild baby shampoo, which is safe for delicate surfaces because it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.

Fill a 2 gallon (7.6 L) bucket with plain water and pour in two teaspoons of shampoo. Use a soft cloth to scrub off any grease or grime but be sure not to press too hard, as hard pressure will scratch the bodywork.”

Use a broom to reach high and tight spaces. If you haven’t got the arms for reach, you know what to do!

Get out your favorite trusty broom nearby, dust off all the dust in the hard-to-reach areas of your home that might be bothering you.

Never knew you could use a broom for more than just sweeping up? Well, we can tell you how useful it can be if used from different angles and chores to get that task done faster without compromising the quality.

Clean dirt off your car’s windshield wipers with some rubbing alcohol. Did you know rubbing alcohol is just as good as soap when it comes to removing grease, oil, wax, or other sticky grime off your car’s windshield wipers?

You’re probably thinking, “what?” right now but we assure you this works like a charm.

Just take a little bit of rubbing alcohol and then wipe all over the glass surface using a clean cloth, squeeze out any excess liquid on the rag, and there you go, perfectly clean again.

Clean Car from outside

Clean Car from inside

Ensure that all surfaces of your car are wet before attempting any cleaning. Doing this will prevent you from spreading dirt or grime around and also save you from having to wipe off excess cleaner/cleaner residue later on.

Think about using commercial-grade toothpaste to handle stains on seat fabrics. To remove stains, try gently rubbing them until they disappear with toothpaste.

Be sure to clean off small streaks immediately so the removed spots don’t affect the dye in the rest of your seats, which could potentially create permanent marks.

If toothpaste can’t handle the job, rubbing alcohol will do. Test it first on damaged paint and then rub lightly where you applied the alcohol solution.

The stronger the formulation you use, the more your painted surface will bleach while you wipe. Make a cleaner that’s safe for car interiors by combining equal parts of water and rubbing alcohol.

Use a spray bottle to apply liquid, or use a cloth saturated with the cleaner and wring out so that it isn’t dripping when used on fabric surfaces.

It is important to have a clean car, especially if you have leather upholstery. To thoroughly clean your cloth seats, use a cleaning solution that is made of equal parts vinegar and linseed oil.

This method is an effective way to get rid of any stains or dirt on your upholstery while leaving behind a shiny coat of the mixture that comes with a pleasantly sweet smell.

If you are not a smoker then consider sprinkling some baking soda into your ashtray as it will absorb odors and keep bad smells at bay.

If you do smoke, this option would work best for non-smokers as well as it does an excellent job in neutralizing smells from cigarettes if there are people who smoke in your car but don’t want to do so in the house.

Additionally, baking soda can serve as an air purifier inside one’s car so it’s good to sprinkle some into the dust tray every once in a while.

Clear out your car’s glove compartment. Clean up any dust or clutter that might have accumulated there.

Leftovers, like old food and drink, spoil in the heat of a closed glove compartment and can fill your car with an unpleasant odor.

Take a homemade cleaning material, something you can make yourself at home. That way you’ll know exactly what goes into it.

Mix one-part fresh lemon juice with two parts olive oil in a container of your choosing such as a bowl.

This solution will protect the vinyl in your car seats and prevent them from truly drying out over time by having this powerful concoction sit on their surface for extended periods of time.

It leaves behind a completely dry coating on the surface but also makes it much easier to clean off things that fall onto it during transportation.

To clean any exterior automotive surfaces or interior plastic parts and dashboards, apply a small typical glass cleaner onto the microfiber cloth.

Gently scrub away at any stains, but remember to not use too much force in doing so as that could lead to scratches and potentially cause more damage. Now clean the fabric of the car with the microfiber cloth.

Clean Car from inside

Cleaning windows of a car

  • You might have your heart set on washing the windows first, but a lot of people prefer to do this last because it prevents streaking and spots from dirty windows when performing other tasks on your car. Newspaper and microfibers are very absorbent without leaving residue or lint behind. This is also a more affordable option than paper towels, which you can reuse again later.
  • Wiping down a car’s windows from top to bottom keeps a driver from having to clean drip marks or trails. Different directions inside vs. outside can help reveal any spots that were missed during cleaning. Homemade window cleaner is often more affordable and better for the environment than store-bought options.
  • Mix one cup of water, half a cup of vinegar, and a quarter of cup 99% Isopropyl alcohol in separate cups or measuring containers. In one container put the water, in another the vinegar, and finally pour in the alcohol. Once all liquid ingredients are in their respective containers, you may gently shake them to mix them together. Depending on your preference you can then pour into an appropriate spray bottle for easy use. When finished cleaning let dry before replacing any furniture to avoid unwanted marks or residue caused by moisture clinging to the interior surfaces.

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FAQs Related to the Topic

What is the best thing to use to wash a car?

Simply start with products like Meguiar’s Gold Class Car Wash Shampoo & Conditioner. These basic items from your local auto-parts store clean your paint without stripping any wax or polish.

Products like these are also available with additives like Iron X which removes light contaminants such as rail dust and other impurities often found in and on our cars.

Can we do laundry soap for car washing?

Don’t use laundry detergent to wash your vehicle. While it may contain desirable degreasers, laundry detergents can also contain other chemicals that aren’t suitable for washing cars.

These chemical components might gradually harm the car’s protective topcoat over time.


Owning a car is a great thing. But owning a dirty car is not so nice. There’s a lot of people out there that enjoy cleaning their cars.

The problem is, for most people, it would take up way too much time. Cleaning one’s car is one’s responsibility.

It is a process which is very essential as dirt and other unwanted things can give a bad impression to others and cause embarrassment.

With the help of a good car cleaning solution and a few minutes of your time, you can clean your car in no time at all.

As we had read the guide or step-by-step instructions, I assured you that you will now easily wash your car at your home.

Because it takes some time but gives you too many benefits such as money-saving. I hope after reading this you will understand how to clean your car at home.

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