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How To Choose the Right Crop Top for Your Body Type?

Women love to look effortlessly flawless all the time. And with the summers approaching, crop tops are a fashion staple. They are always in style and easy to carry. With online stores bursting with ladies’ sleeveless tops for the summer, you need to know what will look good on your body type.

Contrary to popular beliefs, anyone can flaunt crop tops. You just need the right knowledge of what suits your body. Thus, to help you gain more confidence and rock crop tops this summer, we made a guide.

So…buckle up ladies!

Pear-shaped body

Pear-shaped women are blessed with beautiful curves at the hip. But we must draw attention to their smaller top-section of the body as well. Avoid wearing an oversized crop top. Instead, go for ribbed sleeveless crop tops with high-waisted jeans.

A body-hugging crop top and jeans will highlight your curvy hips and backside. Wear high-waisted slim jeans to make you look taller.

You can also experiment with off-shoulder crop tops, one-shoulder tops, or tube tops.

Hourglass-shaped body

For you guys, enhancing that perfect waistline should be the goal!

Women with hourglass bodies have synchronised busts and hips giving them an appearance of an hourglass. For this body type, peplum crop tops, ribbed crop tops look great. You can wear a deep neck to show some skin.

You can also go for a polo crop top with zippers and collars from Diva Boutiques that hugs your waist perfectly.

Apple-shaped body

Women with apple-shaped bodies are known for their amazing curves. They should be styled for their wow factor.

You guys have larger busts and buttocks, a fuller midsection with narrow hips. Wear clean, solid colours with a box-type look. This will give you more structure to the upper area of the body.

Don’t follow the myth of wearing loose women’s oversized crop tops. Wear well-fitted crop tops with wide necklines. Pair up with mid-rise jeans or midi skirts. These combinations will make you look strong, curvaceous, and elegant!

Rectangle-shaped body

You got it all!The only thing that needs working is the waistline. Your shoulders and hips are aligned. Peplum is the best kind of crop top for you. It will give a sweet waist and bind the whole look together.

You can also go for women’s oversized crop tops and seal the look with skinny jeans. Wear more sleeveless tops to elevate the arms.

Athletic-shaped body

Women with athletic bodies can pull off printed crop tops. Show off the toned arms with halter necks, off-shoulders, or tube crop tops.

If you are feeling more flamboyant, try bralettes with loose trousers or palazzos. It will complete your body shape beautifully without going overboard. Crop tops with shorts also make a cool athleisure look that’s so in trend fashion right now!

Inverted triangle-shaped body

With this body, the upper regions have most of the weight. So, broad shoulders, heavier busts than hips and back.

Flowy materials that form V-shapes as they go down looks great on this body. Going for straight lines wouldn’t do justice for your body. Try V-necks or scoop necks. Those will shift people’s focus vertically instead of your shoulders.

Wear fuller skirts—mini, skater, midi. It will enhance your waist and give your body more character.

Petite-shaped body

Don’t let your small frame restrict you from having all the summer fun!

Wear smaller, fitted crop tops with high waisted bottoms. Let your skin show in the midsection. Keep your jeans, shorts or skirts fitted as well. It will give you an illusion of a longer torso. If you are feeling flirty, a hint of cleavage and some small prints will do!

Tall, skinny-shaped body

This type of body can wear almost any crop top. The height and the lean physic are great to experiment with prints, styles, ruffles, and sleeves.

Play with patterns and prints. But stay away from large prints. It might look too much for your lean figure. Wear vertical stripes, ruffles, and deep necks. It will shift attention to those sexy collarbones!

We hope that through this guide we have covered a lot of body types. There are numerous varieties to choose from and explore in crop tops. Choose something that fits your style and personality as well. You should be confident and feel fabulous in anything you wear.

What’s your favourite style of crop tops? Let us know in the comments below!

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