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How Do I Scrape Google Maps? The Best Options

Google Maps Scrapper

What Are The Best Options Available For Google Maps Scraping?

There are 4 methods for Google Maps given below.

  1. Build a Google Maps Scraper yourself
  2. Hire programmers or freelancers to build a Google Maps Data extractor
  3. Purchase Data From Agencies Or Brokers
  4. Use third party Google Maps Scraping tools

Check Out The Full Details For These Options:

  1. Create a Google Maps Scraper 

Without any technical and programming skills, building a reliable and easy-t-use Google Maps Data Scraper is impossible. If you are a coder or have a team of programmers it will seem a relatively easy process at first, and it can be – if everything goes right. Unfortunately, it rarely never does. You have to spend countless hours, time, money, and effort to build a Google Maps scraping tool. But, when LinkedIn updates its terms and conditions, you have to update your Google Maps Scraper also and it’s also a problem for you.

  1. Hire a Programmer or a Freelancer

This is also a great option to scrape Google Maps data without programming knowledge. You can use the great services of freelancers and programmers of freelancing websites to scrape Google Maps data. From freelancing websites like Fiverr, Upwork, Guru, Freelancer & Toptal you can hire the best and most experienced freelancer for Google Maps Scraping or build a Google Maps Listing Scraper according to your needs globally.

Rates of freelancers:

  • Experts charge $40-$50/hour
  • Intermediate charge $15-20$/hour
  • Initial/Early stage freelancers charge $5-$10/hour

The benefit of using freelancers for Google Maps scraping will be that they do this frequently so will spend less time than generic developers who work internally for your company. But it may be a costly procedure for scraping data from Google Maps.

  1. Buy Data From Big Agencies

Purchasing data from a big and reputable agency is a good option when you want to get bulk data from Google Maps. Google Maps scraping service providing companies have many expert data scrapers to do your task immediately and ensure you get your data when you want it, how you want it, and not have to worry about the data quality, coding skills, and other problems. All you do is pay a service monthly fee but this is usually a more expensive option because you have to pay for every different industry and country for data scraping from Google Maps. They can charge 200-300$ for one industry and location only.

  1. Use Third-Party Google Maps Scraping Tools

Finding the right Google Map Extractor software is a dream for most users who have gone through the trouble of building web scrapers writing code, buying data, and maintaining infrastructure. The Best Google Maps Lead Extractor can save you time, money, and effort. The Google Maps Business Extractor will provide the business data for any industry and country within minutes without any coding skills and extra tensions.

There are many software companies out there that provide Google Maps scraping software that allows you to scrape data for Google maps business listings. This is the most cost-effective and best option for the users who want to scrape bulk and real business data from Google Maps.

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