How do I log in after the Rock space wifi extender setup?

When you finish the setup process of your Rockspace router, login is a must. Without login, you cannot access your router and its settings. The login process via the Rockspace ap.setup login address is simple. It does not require any external support. It is the default gateway of your router. And is built to take you to the admin panel of your router. Use the following steps to get into the admin panel of your router. 

Firstly, follow the steps for the Rock space wifi extender setup. 

  1. Turn on the re.rockspace.local router by plugging the power adapter into the power port.
  2. And then, plug the other end of this power adapter into the electric socket board. 
  3. Then use an Ethernet cable to connect the router with your computer.
  4. The router and the computer will use their LAN port to make this connection successful. 
  5. Connect the router to the modem using another Ethernet cable.
  6. The router and the modem will use their WAN ports for a successful network connection. 
  7. You can configure the router wirelessly also. A wired setup is the most secure. 

 Rockspace Wi-Fi router login via Re.rockspace.local web URL

  1. Open the browser from the computer you have just connected to your router.
  2. And then navigate the search bar to Re.rockspace.local web access link.
  3. Or you can enter the numerical part of Rockspace and click the OK. 
  4. Rockspace home page window will unlock on your screen.
  5. Here, you have to enter the username and the password.
  6. Enter the web access URL re.rockspace.local default login credentials.
  7. At the login window, enter ADMIN as the user ID. 
  8. And then, enter ADMIN as the passcode for your Rockspace local WIFI router. 
  9. After stuffing these two login details, click the Apply/OK tab. 
  10. Now, go to the admin panel of your router.

It is the main window of your Rockspace router. Here you can make settings to personalize the Rockspace ap.setup page.

Some essential steps after Rockspace local setup and login

Close the admin panel. And then, login again by entering the username and the password you used to install your router. This step is necessary to confirm the settings made by you. You can also go to the Advanced Setup tab. Here, you can check the firmware update if your router detects it. The availability of the Rockspace local firmware warns to update the firmware. 

Reset your Rockspace Router if the ap.setup does not work

The default gateway ap.setup plays an important role. It brings your WIFI router to the factory default settings. We do factory default settings in case we forget the password and user ID of the admin panel. You can also use this feature to protect your router. Is it stuck with some malicious file, viruses? Has the data got corrupted? If Yes! You cannot go anywhere. And the WIFI will stop working or start dropping connections again and again. So, in all such matters, we need a factory reset.

Follow the below steps.

  • As your router has been stuck at a point and is not showing login page, turn off the router.’
  • Remove the power cable and press the power off/on the button.
  • Power the router again. And connect it with the computer. 
  • Go to your computer to open a web browser. 
  • Then navigate the Addy of the web browser to http //re.rockspace.local. 
  • Enter the login details in a combination of username and password. 
  • Ensure that the default login details (username and password) are correct. 
  • Click on the Administration tab. And then click on the factory default tab.
  • Visit under the factory default section and tap “Restore Factory Defaults”. 

Now, your router is on factory default settings and free from all types of viruses, bugs, corrupt files, etc. Now you can log in again using the default credentials. 

How to change the Admin login details on my Rockspace router?

Do you have to change the WIFI password or connect to the WIFI network? Then initialize the process. Once you are connected, open the web browser.

  1. In the URL section, stuff the IP address or http://ap.setup. 
  2. As the login window will flash on your screen, make some needful actions over it. 
  3. Enter the username ADMIN in the SSID section. And then, enter PASSWORD in the password section. Tap Continue/OK to continue.  
  4. Now, you have made a successful login to the ADMIN panel of the router. 
  5. Go to the menu from the left of this page, and hit the option Gateway>Connection> then to the WIFI.
  6. Now you have scrolled under the private WIFI Network section, and you will see the WIFI name of your router. 
  7. Click on the EDIT tab that is next to the WIFI network. If you want to check the current password of your router, then you have to go under the section “Show Network Password”.
  8. Here you can set the new password for your WIFI router by typing the new password in the Network Password field.
  9. Click on the settings and then confirm the changes.


You will not require any additional range extender with this Rockspace Mesh Wi-Fi system. Your Mesh Wi-Fi system will increase the strength of your home Wi-Fi without any extender. The Rockspace ap.setup helps eliminate the dead zones from your home. It also helps the users connect so many wireless devices with the same SSID of the network.

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