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Examine for fresh content possibilities.

Because you already know what keywords your pages rank for, you should look for some new ones. Then you can produce new material for them or optimise old content. This is when a content gap analysis comes in handy. It is the process of examining your current material for any gaps. Finally, the more relevant keywords SEO Services in Lahore target on your pages, the more visible your site is to the rest of the globe.

I have to disagree that content gap analysis is exclusively about competitors, as some assert. Looking at your material might help you identify content holes. There are several strategies for coming up with new content ideas. But I’d like to recommend my preferred method: assessing how your content corresponds to your client’s journey.

Customers go through at least three stages: awareness, deliberation, and purchase. There may be additional steps based on your product/service, so ensure you completely understand your buyer persona and customer journey. There should be adequate information for each stage in an ideal world.

Consider the website of a coffee roasting company. I examined all website pages and classified them into three columns based on the stages of the client’s journey.

The Consideration stage lacks material

As shown in the figure above, the Consideration stage lacks material. Pages outlining the product’s benefits and characteristics and some reviews don’t seem out of place here.

As a result, we infer that if any stages are missing, you must fill the gaps. And if you design pages that can’t be matched to any stage, you’ve wasted your time. Let’s look at competitors to find the keyword gap.

Conduct a technical SEO audit

Correct me if I’m wrong, but technical SEO is just as important as keywords. A technical SEO Services in Lahore is basic in concept: you check every technical SEO facet of your site. It contains the following items:

  • Problems with crawling and indexing
  • Concerns with the site’s architecture
  • Issues with duplicate content and internal linking codes
  • Title tags, and so on.

This step ensures no issues preventing search engines from accessing and ranking your site.

Though Search Console can track some technical aspects, I advocate using SEO tools in this case. Because it is speedier and has a larger scale, I’ll utilise WebSite Auditor, a website auditing application that, like Rank Tracker, is part of SEO PowerSuite’s SEO toolbox.

Let’s start with a comprehensive site-level SEO evaluation. You must create a project for your site before proceeding to the Site Structure module Site Audit. You will see a list of potential/current concerns. It will be highlighted in red if an issue is critical and requires your attention.

Examine usability

For search engines, user experience is extremely important. You should also maintain track of site usability because it is an important aspect of the user experience. It means you should be aware of how user-friendly your website is. A usability audit can help you in this situation.

This audit entails assessing Core Web Vitals and mobile usability. The first step is to ensure that your site loads swiftly and without issues. The second step is to ensure that your site’s mobile version has no flaws that could harm your mobile rating.

Let’s take a quick look at these in Google Search Console. To begin, open the Experience report and look for the Page Experience insight. It is a summary of your site visitors’ user experience.

As you can see, my GSC reveals that I have certain issues that require further investigation. I can receive the information I need by clicking on any section.

My advice: Make sure your pages don’t have invasive interstitials, which are pop-ups that overlay your content and impede users from reading it. It is also a usability component; however, it does not necessitate a full audit.

Examine your backlink profile.

Backlinks are what increase the authority of your website. Your site has a better chance of ranking in the top 10 search results if it has a healthy and diverse backlink profile. That is why you should assess your backlink profile regularly to prevent penalties from search engines and discover new backlink chances.

I’ll show you how to conduct a complete backlink audit using SEO Spy Glass. It entails locating and evaluating your backlinks, comparing your backlink profile to your competitors, and identifying fresh backlink prospects. Let’s start by locating all of your backlinks. This requires the installation and activation of SEO Spy Glass. Then enter your domain and press the Get Backlinks button. First, use the Backlink Profile module and select Summary to assess your total backlink profile. You will get detailed information on the number of backlinks, new and lost backlinks, historical data, anchor texts, and so forth.

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