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Entertainment Ideas That Will Wow Your Guests

Entertainment is one of the most important parts of any event because it allows your guest to keep their minds busy even if you’re not able to actively entertain them for every minute they’re there. 

These are some of the best entertainment ideas that will keep them excited and talking about your celebration for years to come. 

Live Singers and Musicians

Live singers and musicians may be the most classic type of live performers out there: but that’s for a good reason!  We connect with music on a natural level unlike any other art form, so having live musicians ensures that people can connect with that feeling of awe and inspiration that comes so naturally with it.

Make sure to pick talented musicians who can carry the mood you want your event to have.  For a themed party, you can go with a cover band who can carry the era into the modern-day, but you could also hire a string quartet for a wedding or a punk garage band for your kid’s graduation party.  There’s something for everyone when it comes to music, so don’t be afraid to explore your options. 

A Live Painter for the Event

Live painters are a newer type of entertainer that’s taking on a skill that used to be regularly practiced before the 1900s.  They settle in at one portion of the venue, and through the course of the event, they paint a key moment or a general idea of the event.  This is awesome for weddings, where people want to feel like the moment is captured as it happens.  As the event unfolds, the artist will paint and take reference photos, but the art usually isn’t completed until days or weeks later, with mostly the largest details captured during the event. 

This is an awesome way to surprise anyone and can make an event feel even more incredible.

Live Close-up Magicians

Magicians have gone in and out of style before: but in 2022, they’re in an incredible renaissance of popularity.  Professionals like Adam Wylie have been wowing crowds and showing off incredible slights of hand that aren’t possible or even understandable to the average person.  By showing off their unique skills, they capture the imaginations of everyone who’s watching and give them the chance to enjoy something they couldn’t see anywhere else.  

Celebrity Impersonators

Celebrity impersonators are some of the most interesting live performers, and yet they’re incredibly underutilized.  Not only are these professionals awesome at improv and keeping on their toes in any given conversation, but they’re also great at taking on the personality of whomever they’re impersonating at the moment.  This is like lightning in a bottle since it ensures your crowd will never have a dull moment and that you can ensure people will want to take lots of photos at your event.  

Showing Off at Events Is Always Fun

Although the main point of an event is to gather and have fun with those you care about, it’s also a lot of fun to show off and wow people.  Have fun with your events, and create memories people will never want to forget.

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