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Digital and education in a changing world: a revolution?

For more than thirty years, throughout the world, there has been an interest in the use of digital tools in teaching of Diploma of IT, in the integration of information and communication technologies (ICT) in education. All those responsible for education systems have understood that this is an essential issue. And yet, we can consider that things are changing rather slowly: digital Diploma of IT is not really integrated into education, schools have not changed profoundly and many teachers remain distant from digital technology.

But we can also see the immense amount of experimentation, innovation, success in the use of digital technology for teaching and learning, the quality of many of the digital resources produced, both for the classroom and for distance learning. The landscape is very contrasting, Sevres International Journal of Education . This issue outlines some possible explanations.

Technology and pedagogy

2The approach to digital in education has so far been heavily technological. As computer tools appeared, we wondered why and how to use them in the classroom. This was the case with computers, then with the various tools that continued to appear afterwards: laptops, calculators, interactive whiteboards, tablets, smartphones… We have seen numerous experiments and publications on the use of new technologies in the classroom but, beyond the novelty effect, nothing has really proven a significant improvement in learning using these tools.

If technology has invaded the field of diploma of information technology, it does not seem to have really influenced the pedagogies implemented by teachers. However, certain characteristics of these pedagogies are sometimes antithetical to digital technology. For example, digital technology encourages collaborative work, whereas traditional pedagogies essentially consider the student individually. Adding technology to traditional pedagogies has been experienced by educational teams as a burden: more materials, resources, time, rooms, work are needed. It is not surprising that the expected generalization has not been not yet produced.

We approached this question from the angle of Diploma of IT

3Reading the nine case studies brought together in this issue, we see that the most advanced countries in the integration of digital technology in education, such as South Korea, the Netherlands and Australia, are those where We approached this question from the angle of Diploma of IT, without hesitating to question the functioning of the education system. These are the countries where there has been a strong educational commitment and a firm political will.

Putting pedagogy at the center means having the student’s learning as an approach. It is not a question of using technology at all costs but of letting pedagogy be enriched. By technology, of making new educational activities possible thanks to technology. The objectives set and the ambitions remain primarily pedagogical, the reflection focusing on. The way in which technology makes it possible to achieve them. The range of possibilities is considerably increased. This gives the teacher a central role and requires him to have pedagogical engineering skills.

The new challenges of school in a changing world

5Digital technology now pervades all dimensions of society. Training the student, preparing the citizen of tomorrow, means enabling young people to acquire. The knowledge and skills necessary in a society immersed in digital technology. It cannot therefore be a question of teaching the knowledge and skills of yesterday or today. Through digital technology, but of preparing the student for the knowledge and skills of tomorrow. This anticipation is a central point of the educational policy of South Korea, for example.

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