Dedicated Server Features That You Won’t Get With Shared Hosting

Dedicated Server Features That You Won’t Get With Shared Hosting

Dedicated servers are the backbone of any business. It’s the correct solution to the problem that you face with shared hosting. Your business gets rid of unsecured connections, the low performance of the website, and downtime. Dedicated Server India provides you 99.9% uptime so your website can be available every time.

Dedicated Server comes with high-performance hardware that increases your website capability and makes it more efficient.

In shared hosting limitations are so high that a growing business can’t use them. You won’t get a unique IP address, nor you can customize resources and when it comes to security it is vulnerable. Best Dedicated Server in India is just the best option for a growing or grown business.

Businesses don’t want to stay within limits because it can directly impact their growth and no one wants to compromise with growth.

Thus, it makes sense to choose a Dedicated Server rather than a Shared Hosting plan.

India Dedicated Server Features That You Won’t Get With Shared Hosting

A Dedicated Server is a lot better as compared to shared hosting. You won’t expect the speed, security, and performance from shared hosting that you get with A Dedicated Server.

Best Dedicated Server features are;

  • Complete Customization

A Dedicated Server is devoted to you. If you want to increase resources you can do that. If you want to optimize it the way you want you can do that also.

Dedicated Server India is not like Shared Hosting which you share with so many organizations. You have the authority to configure it as per your business demands.

  • Secured Connection

Security is vital. If you miss any security measure you have to face a big loss. Your website will always have the risk of virus attack.

A Dedicated Server is protected from DDoS attacks and with high-security measures it protects you from malware attacks. 

  • Unique IP Address

You can think of IP addresses as the online address of your business. And having a unique IP address is a big thing. With Shared Hosting you share IP with other websites also which is very risky.

Best Dedicated Server India Provides you IPv6 address that is unique, fast, and secure.

  • Powerful Network

If your Website is connected with a slow network you will always face network issues. A Dedicated Server is an Industry-leading internet service that gives your website a powerful internet connection.

  • No Downtime

A crashed or down website never ranks on google. A website that is not available every time or mostly in peak time, will always lose customers.

Dedicated Server India provides you 99.9% uptime so that you never miss any customer and your website is always available for visitors.

  • Premium Bandwidth

Shared hosting is connected with high internet but the internet speed is distributed with so many businesses that you won’t get the full benefit out of it.

A Dedicated Server is connected with Premium Bandwidth so that you get the highest speed and you are not sharing with others so you will experience the highest internet speed and you can get up to GBPS Speed.

Dedicated Server India is a very powerful server that gives you a feature that you will not get with shared hosting.

Among the finest server providers in India, Serverwala Cloud Data Center is among the best. You get high security, robust network with unmatchable performance with Cheap Dedicated Server India.

Serverwala is well reputed and has a good amount of customer base. Serverwala provides Dedicated servers in India to many well-known companies.

More About Serverwala Cloud Data Center

Serverwala works with 100+ companies and handles requests 10000+. They are providing servers for the last 6 years and now they are available in 24+ Countries.

In India, they are available in Mumbai, Pune, Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi. 

Serverwala have an expert and skilled tech team which helps you 24/7

Benefits That Serverwala Provide

  • Serverwala offers you 99.9% uptime and they guarantee you to provide it even in high traffic also
  • With Serverwala Dedicated Server India you get a unique IP address. You can buy IPv6 and IPv4. and additional IPs can be purchased for a minimal cost if needed.
  • Serverwala Offers secure networking so you can connect with your server without external interference.
  • Serverwala Bare Metal Dedicated Server supports  RAID 10, RAID 1, RAID 5, and RAID 0. And if you require it you can buy more.
  • Private server clusters can be created with 10Gbps virtual LAN subnets offered by Dedicated Server India.
  • With a Dedicated Server, you will receive robust hardware tools based on the latest technology to improve the performance of your website.
  • Enjoy a world-class end-user experience with our Dedicated Server and maximize your website performance at a low cost.


A Dedicated Server makes a lot of sense. Maybe it is more expensive than shared hosting but the feature you get with a Dedicated Server you can’t imagine with Shared Hosting.

Serverwala Provide Cheap Dedicated Server India at a minimal cost. They are the best Dedicated Server provider.

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