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Information provided courtesy of Cortech Developments Ltd

Information provided courtesy of Cortech Developments Ltd’

In today’s rapidly evolving world of technology, it can be a challenge to stay up to date with the most current, efficient, and secure software. Everything around us is changing at a rapid rate, including the way we live and work; traditional systems are becoming obsolete, and businesses are becoming more technology-driven. Specific software is needed in almost every industry, in every business, and for almost every business function. The integration of these systems and their operating software helps ensure the separate systems work together in harmony, physical components may consist of hardware and computer modules, whilst virtual components consist of all the software, applications, and databases.

System software integration, or IT integration as it is sometimes referred to,  facilitates communication between often disparate systems that do not normally communicate. This process can increase the speed of information, accelerate the outflow of information, and reduce operational costs, resulting in improved productivity and quality of operations, all while improving safety for personnel and visitors.

Investing in an integrated solution, such as the Cortech Developments Datalog system, means you bring all the various systems together into one centralized platform. This not only makes them easier to manage, but also means the different areas can work together to provide a higher level of protection for the business, while also streamlining processes, workflows, and reporting.

About Cortech’s Datalog integrated modular system

Datalog is a modular software suite designed to simplify the control and management of otherwise separate systems into a centralized graphical user interface. In addition to streamlining system operations, Datalog increases situational awareness and accountability while reducing risks and operational costs.

Managing modern-day building systems can be a significant challenge. This is particularly true in the instant of simultaneous events and prioritizing an effective and efficient response.

Datalog provides a host of benefits to our system operators, building operators, and facility managers. We have helped various organizations from a range of sectors to improve efficiency and mitigate risk.

  • As a single platform with just one database, Datalog 5 eliminates inefficiencies associated with managing control equipment as individual systems.
  • Specific events and emergent situations can be monitored, highlighted, and reacted to both swiftly and effectively.
  • System warnings, alarms, and alerts are displayed and identified clearly, assisting users with prioritized data to help direct appropriate response measures.
  • Data is displayed in a graphic, engaging format for improved accountability.
  • A full audit trail is logged, recording an accurate and reliable history of activity and response. Information on individual events is provided through management reporting tools.

Benefits of integrated security software systems

Security systems, for example, have historically contained multiple subsystems such as CCTV, BMS (Building Management System), fire, intrusion detection, access control, license plate recognition, etc., all of which did their jobs independently of each other.

Modern integrated systems like Datalog allow CCTV cameras and fire alarms, for example, to communicate with each other and operate in tandem. This makes remote monitoring easy, as something that affects one element can then trigger an appropriate response in the others. This in turn, then leads to a reduction in false alarms and quicker incident response times.

One of the main benefits of system integration is greater situation awareness; critical information is more quickly available throughout the organization, allowing for faster more accurate decisions to be made. Proactive, real-time monitoring helps to mitigate risks while minimizing disruption to the business’s core objectives.

Another benefit of consolidating operations is that it not only provides a more comprehensive approach to security that is less vulnerable to incidents and better able to respond if one occurs but now management teams can obtain centralized reports saving valuable time.

If you would like to know more about Datalog and how Cortech can help your business, then contact us at 01925 750 600 or email sales@cortech.co.uk

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