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Concreting Tips | Guidelines From Austin Concrete Contractors

Concreting is one of the most important features of any home. It’s a great way to add value and beauty to your property, but it can also be expensive if you’re not careful. In this blog post, we’ll talk about some tips for getting concrete work done on your house without breaking the bank.

Let’s start with the basics; what exactly is concreting? Simply put, it is the process of building up layers of milled or rolled materials and sealing them together to create the final product. concrete repair products are one of the most common materials used for this technique, however, any type of material can be layered and concreted to create durable, solid, structurally sound materials. 

Follow a few recommended practices to ensure your builds have the greatest possible chance. 


Make a concrete plan.

All good jobs start with a concrete plan. It’s best to sketch out your project in advance so that your work is efficient and aesthetically pleasing. Consult Austin concrete contractors needed for help designing or choosing colors before you begin working- it’ll save time later!

Be sure the weather is Ideal.

Poor weather can prevent concrete from setting and drying. It can also cause concrete to crack, buckle, or chip due to freezing temperatures or rapid temperature swings.

Ensure you have the proper tools

Having a proper set of Austin concrete tools and materials ensures concrete work will go smoothly.

Mixing concrete requires more than just a shovel and bucket—you’ll need towels, scrapers, steel bars of varying widths, hard-bristled brooms (some come with triangular heads), concrete saw blades, water buckets, or hoses hooked up to a nearby spigot (a hose is handy if you’re working outdoors). You can get all these at home improvement stores like Lowe’s or Home Depot. 

Work Clothes

Avoid concrete work if you wear silk clothing since this fabric will stretch when wet and may tear easily. Although cotton clothes tend to shrink after being exposed to water, they won’t change shape like silk does, which means that even though there might still be some wrinkles left over, these fabrics will dry without any issues.

Preparation of the site

Prior to the concrete being poured, you should ensure that your site is prepared correctly. This includes removing any existing concrete or dirt and grading out the area to ensure no major issues before they start pouring.

Preparing The Appropriate Concrete Mix

Preparing the right concrete mix for your concrete is crucial. It needs to be the correct consistency and strength, but it also has to have a specific pH level that considers any local water conditions.

Don’t skimp on the concrete mix.

Additives in an inferior concrete mix may not offer the durability of high-quality concrete mixes. Inferior products are likely low-quality fillers that will break down over time—leading to cracks and crumbling patches as well as uneven surfaces with gaps between layers if they were mixed improperly while laying them out at the construction site.

Pouring Concrete In One Shot

One of the best ways to ensure your concrete doesn’t crack or warp as quickly is by pouring concrete all at once. This ensures no issues with different drying rates due to weather changes in one area versus another area of poured concrete.

Keep The Area Covered And Sealed Until Drying Is Complete

Keeping part or all of an area covered until it’s thoroughly dried helps prevent warping and cracking from occurring too soon before repair can occur on these imperfections. Even if they’re just concrete touch-ups, it’s important to cover the area entirely until the concrete is fully dried. This will also help you avoid any other issues that could occur due to water getting into unsealed concrete before drying takes place.

Applying A Primer Before Pouring Concrete For The First Time

Primers are an extra step in a concrete installation that can be done for new installations or when repairing concrete surfaces by filling in cracks and chips with fresh concrete. Applying primer beforehand ensures that your project won’t require more frequent repairs down the line due to old sealant cracking and deteriorating over time.

Clean Up

You will need to clean up concrete after each use. This includes using a concrete cleaner to remove oil, water, and other contaminants from the concrete surface.

Wash your tools and concrete surface with a concrete cleaner between uses. Don’t forget to sweep or vacuum all of that debris into piles, so it doesn’t get tracked around your house!

Inspecting concrete for quality

Once the concrete has been in place for a few days, you’ll need an inspection from a professional so that you can tell if there’s anything problematic with it. It will be essential to fix these problems as soon as possible- even minor cracks can worsen over time, which could mean more expensive repairs down the road!

Health and Safety

To prevent any concrete from getting inside your home, wear gloves and a mask while working. Austin concrete repair is not only difficult to clean up once it’s spilled on the floor or other surfaces in the room you’re working in but breathing concrete dust can also be dangerous for your respiratory system.

If You Want To Keep Costs Down.

You’ll need to do as much of the prep work yourself before hiring someone else to come in and concrete. This will not only help keep the cost of concrete down, but it’ll also save you time when the concrete is ready for application because there won’t be as much work left for someone else to do.


Choose a contractor who offers extras for peace of mind, such as guaranteed workmanship warranties and guarantees on their product.

Beware: Some contractors charge extra for this type of service, but you often get what you pay for, so if the concrete is guaranteed, it could be worth paying that extra fee.

Concrete is a tough material that can last for decades. However, it won’t last forever if you don’t take the time to maintain it and care for your foundation with concrete sealant every few years. 

This post outlined the process of concreting and some precautions to take. There are many steps involved in concrete work that you may not be aware of, so we recommend reading this article before hiring a professional contractor for your next project!

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