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Best treatment for skin pigmentation in Hyderabad

Pigmentation is a relatively frequent skin issue in which some sections or patches of skin turn darker in color than normal skin. It is usually a harmless disorder due to the deposition of excessive pigment in the skin. As everyone is looking for a dependable and successful Skin Specialist, the market is full of information about pigmentation, and thousands of pigmentation treatment products are accessible with tall claims and assurances! But, the shocking truth is that most of the expensive cosmetics available over the counter don’t work, and some items might even be detrimental to your skin.
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Causes Of Pigmentation 

Hyperpigmentation affects a lot of them, and its causes are many. Sun exposure can be blamed for pigmentation. Excessive exposure to the sun leads the skin to create more melanin. This excess melanin gets deposited under the skin, similar to when you get a tan. The other explanation for pigmentation can be hormone imbalance induced due to pregnancy and other circumstances.  

The often prevalent pigmentation disorders are: 

  • Melasma – brown, flat spots over the cheeks, forehead, and upper lips on both sides. 
  • Freckles are tiny, pin-head-sized tan or flat brown spots on the face generated by the grouping of concentrated melanin. 
  • Psoriasis, acne, and other inflammatory dermatoses can cause post-inflammatory pigmentation on the face, neck, and chest. It can also occur due to a bug attack, or it can occur spontaneously. 
  • In pregnancy, hyperpigmentation can be noticed in the axilla, areola, and lower abdomen in the midline, among other places. 
  • Cosmetically induced pigmentation, often known as Ashy dermatoses, are skin conditions characterized by diffuse pigmentation of the face caused by allergic reactions to cosmetic products. 

Although pigmentation is difficult to treat, contemporary science provides a very reliable remedy. Some new chemical peels are available to treat it, which may be used as a single ingredient or as part of a cocktail therapy as determined by our experts. 

Effective Pigmentation Reduction 

Everyone wishes to have skin that is clear and healthy-looking. Pigmentation can create a great deal of humiliation since it prevents you from getting the pristine skin you desire. It can undermine your confidence and make you feel excessively self-conscious. Using make-up to cover things up is the last resort that isn’t always successful 

When it comes to minimizing skin pigmentation, cosmetics alone are not always sufficient. This is where the Pelle comes in. Using Q-Switch Laser technology, which is excellent for Indian skin tones and targets the affected area without affecting the surrounding area, may effectively treat the affected area. This is one of the most effective methods of treating dark spots, uneven skin tone, and other forms of undesirable pigmentation on the skin. 

Treatment for Skin pigmentation  

A single treatment session in Hyderabad produces apparent improvements, while it is recommended that 6 to 8 sessions be completed for optimal outcomes. Most importantly, this service is painless and can be completed in as little as 15 minutes with minimal inconvenience. The skin specialist will usually suggest you use sunscreen products and other skin brightening products after the treatment to avoid further pigmentation problems in the future. 

You do not have to live with this condition because current technology offers a glimpse of hope. For people suffering from a wide range of pigmentary diseases. Pigmentary disorders are dealt with first by categorizing them according to the underlying cause. The affected part, and the level of pigmentation – whether epidermal or deep dermal pigmentation – exist. Before beginning treatment, it is critical to rule out any underlying systemic conditions or hormonal imbalances. That may be present in the patient. 

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Our Pelle team uses various methods to treat this consistently irritating condition, including topical medicines, arginine peels, fillers, and lasers. This skin pigmentation can be removed with the help of cutting-edge treatment. After being exposed to laser rays over this area, the body initiates a healing reaction, resulting in the formation of new collagen and supporting tissue in the affected area. As a result, blood vessels are strengthened, and leakage is reduced to a minimum. Additionally, if you have sunken eyes, fillers can be used to correct them. 

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