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Best Sweat shirt In Pakistan

Until recently, the hoodie was mainly reserved for leisurely Saturday afternoons on the sofa or frigid morning runs while imitating Rocky. But, due to its undeniable commercial appeal, the hoodie has become a signature design among the world’s most prestigious luxury companies since the integration of streetwear into high fashion over the previous decade. And, to be candid, pompous fashion types finally ceased sneering at what had always been hip.

Like a decent leather jacket or the ideal pair of white shoes, a nice hoodie is now made by almost every T-shirt startup and full-fledged ready-to-wear company alike. Given that hoodies are no longer a fleeting craze and that winter will inevitably arrive, we’ve compiled a list of the most awesome hoodies to try all year available at Essentia.com.pk.

Sun Rise Sweat Shirt

  • 21MG303-LRG-OLV
  • Rs. 1,250
  • Size : Large

Essential is one of the most well-known skate brands in Pakistan that has been recently introduced. The ribbed cuffs on the sleeves and body give it a timeless, traditional sporting look. This hoodie from their most recent range is one of my favorites in recent memory. This hoodie is at a sale with a discount (as is the case with many of their items), but you may visit their store to see what else is available. If you’re wearing this, be prepared for someone to ask you to do a kickflip.

The Essentia hoodies have everything you could desire in a zip-up hoodie. With reinforced elbow patches and a double-lined hood, the craftsmanship is excellent, and it’s all made of thick 100 percent cotton. If you’re searching for something a bit more eye-catching, the basic zip-up comes in a few subdued, simple hues as well as a few bright multicolored variations. 

Sweat shirt

    • 21MG309-2XL-NVB
  • Rs. 2,399 Rs. 1,200
  • Size: 2XL


Essential goods are also totally created in Pakistan, with the shortest feasible supply chain. So if you’re searching for a superficial layer to throw on over your fall/winter outfits, the Essentia classic full zip is the way to go.

This list would be incomplete if it didn’t include this item. This hoodie is a genuinely excellent minimalist sweat shirt, concentrating on silhouette and quality above any specific attention to branding. Unfortunately, it’s now only available on the market. While Essentia didn’t reinvent the wheel with this piece, it has an excellent form and vibrant colors. Check out what’s available on the secondary market if you want to spend a little more on a muted hoodie.

Let’s Change Sweat Shirt

    • 21MG308-2XL-NVB
  • Rs. 2,299 Rs. 1,150
  • Size: 2XL


The Essentia hoodie is an excellent complement to anyone’s autumn wardrobe, despite its price tag over some of the other alternatives on our list. Unfortunately, just a handful remaining online, but if you have your heart set on wearing a genuinely unique hoodie, stop by an Essentia store to see what’s available.

Essentially, a Stockholm-based fashion brand is recognized for many things, but it’s not only about showy luxury hoodies. The hooded sweat shirt, constructed entirely of cotton, has a distinctive fit with a bagger silhouette throughout and tapered sleeves. In addition, the hues offered change from time to time. Still, right now, there’s a lovely color to choose from (pictured) Essentia’s dedication to quality and iconic shapes makes the hoodie an excellent option if you’re looking for something that will last a long time and look beautiful.

Round Neck Sweat Shirt

    • 21MG345-LRG-CHR
  • Rs. 2,599 Rs. 1,300
  • Size: Large


There’s a reason Essentia is becoming the most well-known hoodies goods brand in Pakistan. This version of their popular hoodie comes in various colors and has a zippered pouch. The item will not shrink because of the cotton/poly combination, and the item will not shrink, allowing the wearer to take full advantage of the hoodie’s roomy fit. The hoodie also has Essentia’s trademarked sweat-wicking Dri-FIT technology, which keeps you warm while still allowing you to perform athletically. You can’t go wrong with the Standard Issue basketball pullover because of the many color possibilities and Essentia’s legacy of quality in sportswear. Check out the seasonal limited-edition colors that are now available.

Final thought:

The Essentia hoodie shouts one thing: classic, as do many of their items. The fabric dying process, produces various unique designs. And one of the most appealing aspects of this sweat shirt. The product description on their website tells everything about the product, and you can select the suitable hoodie that will suit you perfectly if you choose the correct size. The hoodie’s uneven tint gives it a touch of wabi-sabi, a Japanese aesthetic phrase that refers to the beauty of imperfection and decay through time.


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