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Benefits of Pursuing a Doctorate in English

Students who pursue Ph.D. in English spend their time in various courses on literature within a given period of time and area. Students take classes with respect to linguistics and composition as well as sentence formation. It might be possible that their degree concentration may differ, but each graduate has to take courses that prepare them for a career as mentioned further in this article. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the major benefits of pursuing a doctorate in English from the best University Uttarakhand.


Students who obtain a Ph.D. in English will study creative expression in writing, reading, and studying poetry, linguistics, literature, English education, composition theory, rhetoric theory, and independent period literature studies. The graduates will become fluent in the English language wherein the major is focused. The extensive knowledge of literature and understanding of the English language will open the door to excellent job opportunities.

Being on the Boss Level

You get a Doctorate level degree and Dr. as your prefix and in arts and humanities. Students get to choose their own topic of research and decide the direction of their future. It is completely up to the students whether they want to present their research at the conferences and when they feel ready to publish it. Ph.D. graduates set their own timetable of work whether they want to work in universities or in some publishing house.

Indulging Interest

It is possible that a student pursues graduation in English with some peer pressure or some other reason. Reaching the Ph.D. level is all about passion.  PhDs are typically projects of passion that allow you to explore a field of study that students find fascinating. At the end of their research, they become typical experts in their niche.

CV Booster

You do not want to pursue a professorship, you can boast of having a doctoral degree on your CV. Prestigious publishing house Oxford University Press is well known for employing Ph.D. graduates in their critical publishing domains. Demonstrating an 80,000-word document is no child’s play. A Ph.D. degree shows employers that a student is able to conduct and analyze research work independently and present ideas to the audience. After writing a thesis, a Ph.D. degree holder tends to involve in organizing conferences, working on committees, taking classes, and publishing the all teaching valuable skills.

Contributing to the Literature

All the well-known English doctorates are know for their contribution to society and literature. Even the science and commerce PhDs are know for their interest in the literature. Being in the literature gives you an edge in the competitive world and you are know for your intense knowledge of the world.

Grants from the Government

After Masters in English language and literature. You can take the National Eligibility Test (NET) exam wherein you qualify to become a professor in the college. If you score well in your NET exam, you qualify for Junior Research Fellowship (JRF) if you qualify for JRF. You get a stipend from the government. So, even if you are not working, you get grants from the government after pursuing a doctorate in English from the best University Uttarakhand.


A Ph.D. degree in English is all about deep knowledge of the literature and its methods. You are working on a full-time basis. You get a good stipend to review, edit and curate books from the repute publishing houses. Most of the reputed companies that deal in writing and editing employ doctorate in English students for their review.

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