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Bell & Ross Replica Watches AVIATION Series Watches – Luxury and Noble

Since its inception, Bell & Ross has been obsessed with aerospace technology design, integrating elements such as streamlined shapes and aircraft cockpit dashboards into the watch design, which is unique in the watch world, so it has many loyal watch friends who can’t put it down. Its AVIATION series replica watches are inspired by the aerospace instrument panel, which is clear, easy to read, and accurate. It is a very representative series of Bell & Ross. What I bring to you today is the most luxurious and noble model in the Bell & Ross best fake watches AVIATION series. The reference model is BR 01-92 GOLD INGOT.sell replica watches

GOLD INGOT, this is also the most intuitive feeling for this watch. This watch is made of 18K rose gold from the case to the crown, the dial, and even the hands and scales.

The large diameter of 46mm is matched with the satin-finished 18K rose gold body, which makes this watch very domineering in shape. The four corners of the case are designed with locking screws with industrial design. This is Bell & Ross’s distinctive classic design. Its inspiration comes from the aerospace instrument panel, which adds a bit of rigidity to the watch.

The screw-in crown enhances the waterproof performance of this watch, and the “&” logo is printed on the top of the crown, symbolizing its brand identity. Although the lugs with simple designs are not eye-catching in the shape of the whole watch, they are also made of 18K rose gold. The 18K rose gold body on the side of the case is sandblasted and polished, with restrained luster and delicate texture.

The bottom cover of the case adopts a dense bottom design, which is simple and elegant, giving people a solid and reliable impression. The mark on the bottom of the watch indicates that its waterproof depth is 100 meters, which can meet most of the daily waterproof needs in life such as car washing and showering.

The black large plaid alligator leather strap has clear lines and is comfortable to wear,

which also makes this watch look more domineering.best fake watches

The thickness of this watch is moderate,

which not only has enough weight visually but also does not drop your hands. The 18K rose gold case is sandblasted and polished to present a matte and delicate texture. The satin finish on the edge of the case shines brightly,

enriching the layers of the side of the fuselage, which is domineering yet elegant.

The buckle is made of 18K rose gold pin buckle, with sharp edges and corners, simple and generous,

easy to use and in line with the overall luxurious design of this watch.

This watch uses a sapphire crystal mirror, which has excellent light transmission, high-temperature resistance, and wear resistance. The surface of the mirror is also treated with anti-glare treatment,

so it will not affect the reading even in the sun. The hollow sword-shaped rose gold hands are elegant and atmospheric.sell replica watches

Clear and easy to read is a major principle that Bell & Ross replica watches have always adhered to. The dial of this watch is designed with a Paris hobnail pattern, while the scales, numbers, and hands are satin-finished,

so that although they are both 18K rose gold Materials do not interfere with each other in display.

The Bell & Ross brand is keen to use military and professional themes in watch design. Regardless of its style or size, it is different from mainstream-selling replica watches,

and not everyone can control it. The overall material design of this watch is combined with the tough appearance of the Grace AVIATION series,

making it even more domineering, and there must be very few people who can easily control it.

If you are a successful person with a successful career, you may wish to challenge this watch. The clear and easy-to-read practical style of the Bell & Ross replica will bring you a different wrist experience.

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