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Applications Of Towel Clamps As A Surgical Instrument

The field of medicine is going above and beyond to treat numerous diseases with the help of medical surgical tools. Among these efficient tools, we have a miraculous tool to discuss which towel clamps are. These are used to hold the surgical towels in a fixed position to conduct a wide range of surgeries. The surgical tools which a surgeon has to implement during a surgical procedure have to be accurately performed, cleansed, and rectified for mechanical wear prior to initiating the surgeries. The critical surgical procedure of treating a tumor called epidermoid cyst involves the implementation of towel clamps which is interesting to learn about. 

Method Of Using Towel Clamps

A surgeon has to imply the use of a towel clamp entirely by keeping an intricate procedure in his mind. Despite the fact that towel clamps provide convenience to the surgery, this tool is inevitable due to its vast applications during various processes as well. 

The technique of application of a towel clamp involves a placement around the top surface of an ellipse. The tool is positioned in such a way that it does not compromise the surrounding tissues and also keeps them from disrupting due to its presence. The locking system of the towel clamp ensures the fixation of the surgical tool in one place firmly so that it does not slide through unwantedly, complicating the procedure. The operator should use the towel clamp with a free hand to prevent the surgical field from any complexities and irritations. The surgeon leaves the towel clamp in the operational site till the procedure completes. 

Towel Clamp Forceps Uses And Applications

The towel clamp has a wide range of applications in the field of plastic surgery. It is a multifunctional surgical tool that can deal with the tissue retractions of the face as well. The facial tissues are sensitive to deal with, which is why surgeons rely on towel clamps to successfully administer the treatment to them. Another important function of towel clamps is to mitigate the chances of breakage of maxillary and zygomatic bones. 

Not only in plastic surgery, but towel clamps also come in use in dermatology as well. They manage scalp-related problems in men and women and work according to the nature of the application. Furthermore, towel clamps are a great substitute for forceps, which can perform the uplifting of tissues for the procedure of punch biopsy. 

Types Of Towel Clamps 

Below are the specific kinds of towel clamps that determine the nature of the surgery. Designs and structures vary according to their functions in different surgical procedures. This is why it is important to use a suitable type of towel clamp in the procedure to enable the immediate conductivity of the process with towel clamps. Because of their multifaceted nature, towel clamps are revolutionary surgical tools for surgeons worldwide. 

  • Jones Towel Clamp

This particular towel clamp has a fine structure that includes edgy tips to properly hold the towel during the surgery. The revival of the towel with the help of the clamp is important to make sure that the towel does not act as a barrier during the procedure. The tips are the functioning counterpart of towel clamps which uplift the desired object effortlessly. 

  • Backhaus Towel Clamp

The locking system of this specific Backhaus Towel Clamp holds the towel in a firm place so that it will not slide through in any direction while alleviating the chances of complications during the surgery. The subcategories range from Roeder to mayo towel clamp. Both types work according to a specific type of requirement of the surgery. The Roeder type of towel clamp has a round-shaped structure that protects the towel from rupturing by its own tips.

  • Roeder Towel Clamp

Like every other towel clamp, the Roeder towel clamp also functions to hold the towel in a fixed position. It is important because mishandling the towel during the procedure can complicate things further. This type of towel clamp is not to be implemented on the skin because it can irritate the skin site easily. 

  • Lorna Non-Perforating Towel Clamp

The jaws of this towel clamp do not have holes and are dull, which is why this towel clamp easily deals with the sensitive tissues and structures which are delicate to handle. It does not rupture them because of its round structure. The jaws are arched in shape, which is another feature of this towel clamp. It holds the towels in a tight position and keeps them from sliding through. The exertion of the force from the jaws is managed by the locking system. It has further applications in electrosurgical, inserting camera cords to towels as well. 

backhaus towel clamps for surgeons

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the use of towel clamps?

These are used for grasping and holding the tissues. It also helps to reduce small bone fractures.

Is there any non-penetrating towel clamp?

Yes, the Lorna Towel clamp is a non-penetrating clamp that helps to towel the drape around the surgical sites.


This is how towel clamps have profound applications in various fields, along with many types which are suitable for a single specific operation. The dire need for towel clamps in the operating room is proof of their eminence and significance in myriad surgeries as well. Consider buying surgical equipment from GerMedUSA Inc. It supplies and manufactures surgical tools of premium quality at reasonable prices.

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