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8 Burgundy Shoe Outfits for Every Occasion 

Burgundy is a very striking and sensational color; it not only catches the eye but gives a completely different vibe. It gives its wearer a feeling of strength and confidence and makes them stand out in the crowd. When it comes to footwear, traditional black and brown color shoes have become too redundant, and it feels that there is a need for change. Burgundy color shoes fulfill that need in just the right way. They are very much in trend today, and their popularity has surged immensely in recent times. When it comes to choosing the right color for footwear, it is of utmost importance to know the fall color trends, since the fall season is just around the corner. Although burgundy-colored shoes are very much in trend today, however, people need guidance on what type of outfit to wear with burgundy shoes. Worry not, in this article we will discuss types of outfits and colors that will go best with burgundy color shoes. 

Let’s find out which outfit and color will suit burgundy shoes 


  1. Pair it with a formal dress 

formal dress 

When it comes to footwear, we put it on with every dress that we wear. Talking about formal dress in particular, it is to the best of our knowledge that we prefer to wear shoes with them. As far as burgundy color shoes are concerned, we can also put them on with formal dresses, just like traditional black and brown shoes. Furthermore, it is crucial to know that there are certain colors in formal dresses that perfectly match burgundy-colored shoes. Here are a few mentions: 


  1. Black 



Black is one of those colors that flawlessly matches with burgundy color. Wearing a pair of burgundy-colored shoes with black pants and trousers will add perfection to your style statement. Since black is an extremely dark color, it goes along well with burgundy due to its monotonous tone with burgundy color. Moreover, for formal events like cocktail parties and weddings, wearing burgundy-colored shoes with a black dress will not only look unique but will make you steal the show. In addition to this, you can pair burgundy-colored shoes with a black skirt. Whether you wear a knee-length or mid-calf skirt, pairing it with burgundy shoes will not only look sleeky but will pave your way to enter the new fashion trend. Moreover, a combination of black outfits and burgundy shoes will be the new fashion mantra in the coming fall season.  


  1. Gray 


The second best color that goes along well with burgundy color is none other than gray. Since gray is also a neutral color, the fact that it matches with burgundy color should not come as a surprise. Burgundy color shoes are way too parallel and compatible with gray color trousers. For formal events, fitted gray trousers, along with a dress shirt, blazer and most importantly burgundy shoes, will add an elegant touch to your style. In addition to this, all the ladies out there should wear burgundy shoes with a gray dress. Furthermore, burgundy shoes also coincide with gray pants and suits. For any formal occasion like office meetings, weddings, or job interviews, a gray suit with burgundy color shoes will blend in the best way possible. 


  1. Blue 


Blue is also a very deep and dark color, which also goes parallel with burgundy color. It is suggested that burgundy-colored shoes should be worn with a blue suit or skirt since both of these outfits are best suited for formal occasions. Moreover, if you want to enhance your look further, you should wear a darker shade of blue, as it will coincide well with the burgundy color. 


  1. Brown 


We can understand that thinking about the color brown and its mention in this article will not only come as a surprise but rather will make you wonder how is it even possible. Yes, it is possible. If you wear a brown suit with burgundy shoes, it will not only look similar, but it will add prominence to the brown color. This combination of brown suit and burgundy shoes will look too classy and sassy. 


  1. Pair it with jeans 


For informal occasions such as a party or a get-together with friends, burgundy color sneakers and closed-toes shoes, paired with black or gray skinny jeans will elevate your style statement. 


  1. Wear it with black shorts 

black shorts 

If you want to flaunt your style and look chic, grab a pair of black shorts lying in your wardrobe, and put it on along with burgundy sneakers or boots. Although winters are getting nearer, if it’s still hot outside, you can fully utilize your black shorts which will keep you cool.  

  1. Wear it with a gray Capri 

gray Capri 

Although Capris are not much talked about outfits, they are too decent and elegant to be carried. To add prominence to your burgundy pair of shoes, it is best that you wear them with gray capris, especially in winter, as it will keep you warm as well as make you look comfy.   


  1. Carry it with a long gown or cocktail dress. 

cocktail dress. 

Burgundy color shoes are a perfect match for strapless long gowns and cocktail dresses. If you want to carry an appealing look and style, then put on burgundy color high-heels with a long gown or cocktail dress. It’s best if you wear a dark blue or black dress, as it will give a sleeky and hot look. Your style would be worth remembering. 



Burgundy is a bold, exciting, and attractive color. unlike red, it is not an overpowering or dominating color. Many people today have started to wear burgundy color footwear, however, some people are not aware of what outfits and colors to wear with this unique color. As mentioned in this article, colors like black, gray, blue, and brown complement burgundy colors, but if you are wondering why these colors only, here is the answer to your question. The burgundy color should be paired with dark color so that it compliments and matches with it. If you choose bright colors like green, purple, or red, instead of complimenting the burgundy color footwear, it will compete with it, which means that it will make the burgundy color look dull and less prominent.   

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