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Real Estate

5 Things to Consider Before Moving from City to Suburbs

City to Suburbs

Trying to change your location to another one? Are you tired of the noisy atmosphere of urban cities? Or are you attracted to the low cost of living and relative quiet of suburban areas? Then carefully go through this article to read why you should consider some things. 

Suburbs have new construction and pre-construction homes, just like urban areas. Moving to a suburban area and buying a house will depend on your taste and needs. Of course, your financial capabilities also need to be considered. 

Even though staying in urban areas has its advantages, Suburbans have some perks to offer as well. 

Moving to Suburbs- Things to Explore

Consider these factors before moving to the suburbs.

1. Transportation

Is it easy to get transportation in that area? That is, is it close to a Metro, train, or bus station? Or is it far from these places? Many cities have places close to public transport stations. However, not all suburban neighborhoods are close to transport stations. Therefore, ensure you choose a locality that is close to a transport station. 

Furthermore, the transport stations must be well-developed and efficient. However, if your house is too far from public transport stations, it has its own drawbacks. You’ll need a car to move from place to place, especially if your place of work is far. It will also help you transport your kids to school if their school is far. In addition, you’ll need transport to public facilities. But, if you can’t afford to buy a car, it’s best to choose another area.

2. Crime Rate

You don’t want to move to a suburban area that is not safe for you and your family. Suburban have lower crime rates than city areas. Even if a suburban area has a high crime rate, it won’t be as high as the city crime rate. 

Ask around if the neighborhood has high crime rates, including gang wars. If the rate is high, look for another region. However, if you feel the area is a safe place to live, you can stay. Nevertheless, remember that there is no place that is 100 percent safe.

3. Living Costs

The suburban lifestyle is cheaper than the city lifestyle. Many people are moving to suburban areas due to the low cost of living. Mortgage rates are lower, including low-interest rates. For instance, the rent for your city apartment may buy a small property in a suburban area. However, bear in mind that if the property you buy is huge, you’ll be charged extra for utilities and maintenance. Still, it is more cost-effective than purchasing a property in the city. 

Living in the city is expensive. Excluding rent, an adult may spend up to 2000 dollars monthly on living expenses in the city. While an adult may spend up to 500 dollars monthly on living expenses in the suburbs. The difference in the living costs of both areas can be attributed to a lot of things. For example, high charges for using facilities like malls, hospitals, and so on is a contributing factor. Therefore, consider your financial status before you move to a suburb.

4. Serenity and Traffic

Sub-urban people are famous for their peaceful and quiet atmosphere. They are not as noisy as city areas. Also, the traffic there isn’t as dense as city traffic, therefore, noise from cars is not as much. You don’t need to stay in traffic for hours because of traffic jams. 

If you value quietness so much, then suburban areas are known to have relatively low nightlife. Suburban properties have wide spaces for kids to play around. The environment is also nice and not densely populated. You can also enjoy nature because suburban houses are far apart. So, if you like clean air and want a spacious property, buy a suburban property.

5. Social Environment

The social environment is an important factor, especially if you belong to a minority group. What is the attitude of those living in the suburbs towards minority groups? Are the social scenes inclusive to all? That is, if you go to school, malls, and eateries, will you be treated equally to other residents? If you have kids, you also need to consider the availability of recreation centers for your children. Are there social activities suitable for kids? Suburbs are known to have fewer social life compared to city areas. So, choose a new construction area that is culturally diverse and inclusive for you and your family.


To cap it all, moving to the suburbs is your decision because you’re the one who knows what you need. Choose a good place that is suitable for your family if you have kids. Take your financial status, safety, and family needs into consideration before you buy a pre-construction house.

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