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15 Android Mobile App Inspirations for 2022

There are 2.79 million mobile applications in Google Play Store. What else can prove the popularity of Android app development than this number? As we know that Android provides many benefits to both developers and users, thus, millions of people choose to go with it. And talking about app development, we all are aware of the pace at which the world of business is digitizing. Apps are the easiest way to reach out to your customers digitally. Thus, if you are thinking of developing an app in 2022, then we have ideas to serve you as an inspiration.

Let me know which one of these you think is a million-dollar idea:

  • Silence My Phone

Have you ever thought about an app that can silence your mobile phone-based upon your location in real-time? Yes, some places like churches, funerals, meetings, etc., demand your phone to be on silent mode. But we often forget to silence it and face some embarrassing situations. To avoid this, you can create an app that can detect the location of users and silence their phones based upon the sensitivity of the location.

You can even give them the option of customizing. This way, the app can detect the entered locations and silence the phone. This will take care of the sensitivity of the place.

  • A Practical Travel Guide

As we know, the tourism industry is vast, having various elements that need management. And gone are those days when people used to stand in a queue for booking the tickets or for inquiring about places. Every process is digitalized and simplified. And providing an app with a travel guide is the best help you can provide to the tourists.

You can incorporate AI in the application and can help the tourists to overcome practical issues like language barriers, geographical restrictions, etc. AI can also learn from the user’s behaviour. This way you can provide your users with tailor-made suggestions, search options, and guides. Also, this can be a game-changer when it comes to providing the best user experience.

  • Plant Caring App

You can use Machine Learning while building this app for helping individuals to take better care of their plants. They just need to enter the plant name and their country. This way, the application will suggest which care they should take of their plants. It will also remind them to water their plants in the necessary intervals.

They can even find which plant is best for them according to the weather or place they live. You can even provide a guide or interesting information about different types of plants. Suggesting them near places to get gardening tools would be like a cherry on the top. 

  • Voice-only Social Media App

Text-based social media is common, but voice-based social media can be an innovative alternative. Moreover, people listen to podcasts more than ever before and the market is hit by the new audio wave. So, why not create a platform that allows creators to interact with their listeners in real-time. 

This way, people can have their live podcast sessions with live listeners. One can even use it for marketing purposes where they launch their products in a unique audio conference. 

  • Mood Monitoring App

You can make a mobile app that allows users to rate their day and look for patterns that affect their mood. By this app, one can add and evaluate their activities, locations, events that take place during the day. The idea behind this app is that it will analyse all your past activities and will look for forming patterns. And on the basis of those patterns, it will provide you with suggestions to improve your mood. 

  • Celebrity Identification App

I am sure that we all have been in a situation where we just cannot remember the name of the actor/actress while watching a movie or talking about the song, etc. So, to help those people like us, you can make an app to solve the mystery and get people out of the constant head-scratching.

You just have to ask them to input a picture of that celebrity while watching a movie or song, and that is all. The app will provide them with all the information related to the picture they entered in the app. It will provide them with the most useful information from the internet about that picture. You can also customize this app that can recognize movies, perfumes, T.V. shows, etc. And for such unique customization, you can hire Android developer.

  • Reverse Travel App

It is so common to feel like you want to go somewhere but do not have a clue where? For this, you can make an app where users can input their interests. And on the basis of that, the app can show them the list of places they can consider or explore various restaurants. You can even provide people with a travelling guide and videos of transportation, hotels, food, and shopping malls.

  • Tax Management App

The tax invoicing app can make entrepreneurs’ lives easier. This app can help to calculate taxes that they need to pay on the basis of the user’s entered income and local law. This app can also have an integrated feature for generating invoices.

  • Smart Recipe App

“What should I cook for a meal today?” – Ahh! A question that we ask ourselves daily two times a day. There are times when even the internet cannot give you the answer as the ingredients of the recipes it suggests might not be available in your kitchen. And going shopping for groceries after a long tiring day cannot even be an option to think about. 

So, what if I tell you that you can make an app to get the solution for this. For that, you can enable users to enter details like ingredients available in your kitchen, quantity, the time required, etc. You can also mention allergies if you have any. Based on these details, the app will suggest recipes.

  • Smart Investment App

You can build an AI-based investment app that does market research and provides a thorough analysis to the users suggesting smart investment options. Then it depends on users whether they want to go with any of the suggestions or not. The app can also allow you to make transactions through the app itself.  

  • Start-up Assistance App

Billions of people dream about a million-dollar start-up every day. But only thousands of them can transform their idea into reality. The reason why the other bunch could not make it through is because of the most common reason – lack of knowledge. This lack of knowledge, insights, and experience makes it difficult for them to fulfil their dreams.

You can make an app that aims to help start-up companies and entrepreneurs by answering the researched common questions, issues, topics, along with offering hints and tips about their business ideas. You can also provide a platform where users can find clients, investors, and professionals within the app itself.

  • Advanced Delivery Management 

On-demand and logistics are such vast markets that even small optimizations could help one to save a fortune. Maintaining the efficiency of such huge systems could be a hectic task, but thanks to digitalization for opening new doors for these industries.

A user-friendly mobile application for logistics can help in digitizing and maintaining all the records of every operation involved in the industry. Features like stock management, route optimization, inventory monitoring, supply chain management, etc., can possibly pave the way to reduce operational costs significantly. 

  • Plan a Party App

We all want to do something new at every party we throw, right? But how will you be able to add a unique element if you are too occupied with the basic stuff like calling caterers, decorators, etc? So, you can make an app that can take this strain away from you. 

A party planning app can help people to remember pending tasks and do that exactly on time with reminders and notifications. You can even add features that suggest unique ideas according to the party they want to plan. A budget calculator is an additional feature that you can provide.

  • Life Hacks

What are your views on applying short-cuts to the daily chores to make it easy and save time? Well, we all love smart life hacks. And developing an app that has a collection of life hacks categorized in a searchable manner will become everyone’s favourite. This app can include simple hacks like cooking food easily, washing greasy dishes, changing a pipe, home decor DIYs, repairing a fan, etc.

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange App

2022 is almost here, and it is undoubtedly going to be the year of crypto. This is the time to create a cryptocurrency exchange application for users to engage in trading or the exchanging of crypto assets. The app would help users to send virtual gifts to their friends and families. And if you are ready to build such a robust app, ensure that the app is safeguarded and also follows all the laws and regulations.

Wrapping Up

An idea by itself holds the power to transform the lives of the people. And I hope the above 15 app ideas have inspired you to make an app development move. Also, mobile app developers are trying their best to keep up with the pace of the market to stay relevant and up to the trends. Custom mobile app development makes the most sense for today’s business as people’s problems need customized solutions. You can hire a dedicated Android developer to custom build your app.



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