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14 Effortless Ways Of Optimizing Your New Laptop

I believe we’ve all had the experience of a stubborn and sluggish laptop which wears out with time. Laptops that cost less or the refurbished ones generally have mid-ranged specs and features and have more chances of wearing out quicker. And there is no way out of this except to treat it as you would your smartphone, vehicle, or any other electronic device. However, If you think you have been using a laptop for far too long and purchasing a new one, look for the top best laptops under 300 dollars. These laptops can indeed be the best choice for you.

We’ve put up a few suggestions on caring for your laptop and helping it work quicker, smoother, and last longer.  

Save Your Battery

Nothing is more aggravating than a laptop with a short battery life rating. Who wants to put forth half a day’s effort? All-day battery life is what you want and should demand. Always examine the rated battery life of a device when purchasing a new laptop. 

Consider the following suggestions if you already own a laptop.

  1. Always use the power-saving mode. Many laptops may also be adjusted, combining practical use with energy-saving measures.
  2. Dim the lights. This is where the battery dies. Consider dimming your display if you’re flying cross-country and your cabin is sufficiently dark.
  3. Disconnect all wireless and peripheral devices. These items will deplete your battery at the most unexpected time. USB flash drives, external peripherals, and other accessories can drain your battery without you even realizing it.
  4. Turn off the Wi-Fi. Wireless (including Bluetooth) gadgets deplete your battery, so utilize the trackpad if you don’t require the mouse. Even when packed in your bag, cross-country business travelers make sure their Wi-Fi device is turned off. The constant search for the linked signal on your laptop will exhaust it. 
  5. Purchase an SSD. Replace your spindle drive with an SSD if you can afford it. A standard hard drive uses a lot of power to spin, and all that searching on the disk will deplete battery life in a short amount of time. Because accessing the SSD consumes far less power, consider replacing it if it’s within your budget. Your system will appreciate it as well.
  6. Use your Task Manager. It may be used to determine which heavy programs are operating on your system without your knowledge because they’re probably draining your laptop’s battery life.

Get rid of bloatware.

Bloatware is software that is preinstalled on your computer. So you know when we get new laptops, there are a lot of programs on them that we don’t use. As a result, you should eliminate such applications to free up space for more essential purposes.

Remove malware

Because malware is concealed, these items take up extra space that no one notices. So buy yourself an excellent antivirus (McAfee, Bitdefender, or Norton) and conduct frequent scans.

Disable automatic updates

This does not happen every time you receive an update. However, a lot of software is built to update without even alerting you. This might result in random software that you don’t utilize getting upgraded to larger versions.

Delete your Internet browsing history

It’s not revolutionary advice, but freeing up space on your browser can be helpful.

Your Pets Could Be a Problem

We know you adore them. All that pet hair (along with dryer lint, loose hair, and plain old dirt) eventually finds its way into the air, speaker, or peripheral vent on the side or bottom of your laptop. The interior of a laptop is wreaked havoc by a buildup of pet hair and other debris particles, which is the major cause of internal short-circuiting and overheating. You should sometimes spray compressed air into the vents if you do have pet dander.

Tweak your mouse settings

You can also raise the speed of your mouse pointer, but only to the extent that it is comfortable for you to use.

Change your power settings to maximum performance.

Although this will put your system into a mode that consumes more energy, it will also allow the machine to perform quicker. You’ll need to go to your computer’s power options for this.

Disconnect unused USB devices from your computer

Staying connected to USB devices slows down the switching on and logging-in process in computers. 

Create multiple folders 

Rather than cramming too many files into a single folder, create many folders and evenly distribute their contents.

If you don’t use Cortana on Windows, disable it.

Uninstall, disable, delete, and eliminate it if it is no longer useful.

Kitchen Hacks

Labeling your wires using plastic squares from bread packets and cleaning up your keyboard with cleaning slim are the most used organizing tips. However, utilizing large industrial-sized binder clips to hold your wires secured to your desk is the most beneficial. Put a piece of felt around the table edge where the clip will be if you don’t want to spoil it. Also, purchase clips that will suit your USB or power wires.

Clean up the hard drive disk space 

Because temporary files take up most of the space, you can remove anything that is no longer useful.

Remove Cache

Clearing the cache also helps speed up the computer by removing excessive clutter.

Don’t Eat or Drink Near Your Laptop.

How often have you walked into a coffee shop and seen folks with computers open, enjoying a cup of coffee and a massive blueberry muffin while pounding away on their laptops? Unlike a desktop computer, where the keyboard can be readily changed, a laptop’s keyboard is built-in and sits directly over several critical components. When you combine it with your half-caf, you’re dealing with a full-price laptop, not just a keyboard.


So, these are fourteen short laptop tips and tactics to consider before purchasing a new laptop or extending the life of your current laptop. They may not be million-dollar money-savers. But it’s a piece of excellent advice to have and pass on to new laptop users like a new college student or your technologically challenged parents. 


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