11 Must-Know Shopify Facts — Insights, Features, and More

Many stores are without consumers due to COVID19 upsetting the retail usual. Now is a perfect time if you haven’t considered turning digital yet.

For a business to go online, it must have an online store that reflects an ideal blend of aesthetics and functionality. Magento, Shopify, Woocommerce, Opencart, and Prestashop are some of the most popular platforms for creating such a web store. Among all of them, Shopify is one of the most popular choices among entrepreneurs seeking quality and productivity and a wide range of features and ease of use. But how can you tell if Shopify is the right fit for your online store?

Let’s go over all Shopify’s features to determine if it’s the right platform for your company.

Shopify POS

Using Shopify’s POS (Point of Sale) system, you can effortlessly integrate your physical store. By tracking orders, processing payments/refunds, monitoring cash adjustments, and keeping a record of daily payments, POS makes operating individual stores simple. Individual employee activity can also be tracked through staff PINs, and Shopify POS connects with popular accounting software.

App Store with a Huge Selection

Shopify’s app store includes a large selection of premium and free apps for its users. The apps can be used to handle inventory, shipping, social media integration, and accounting for businesses. Sales analysis, customer feedback, and traffic can be detected using various reporting tools. Shopify POS includes iOS and Android smartphones that may be used to find items, process payments, and print receipts in a real business.

Minimum Theme Design

Shopify makes it simple for users to change the look of their online businesses by providing many themes. These themes may be readily integrated by Shopify web development company to make the store look more appealing and provide the finest client experience.

SAP Integration

Customer service can be improved, and order fulfillment times can be shortened with Shopify SAP connectivity. Employee productivity can now be increased by eliminating frequent data entering and minimizing human errors.

Secure Hosting

Customers are increasingly avoiding online payment owing to security concerns. Shopify’s eCommerce solution is built in such a way that it allows for complete customization of the web hosting, as well as unlimited bandwidth. SSL will provide total data protection and a completely secure transaction.

Sales Channel

Using the many sales channel feature offered, sales can be improved. Through the Shopify admin interface, proprietors can sell their products concurrently on the web, social media sites, and physical storefronts. At the same time, any product can be listed for sale on Amazon, Flipcart, Pinterest, eBay, or mobile apps.

Cart Abandonment Recovery

Customers frequently become distracted after adding a product to their cart and fail to complete the checkout procedure. To address this issue, Shopify includes a Cart Recovery feature that allows you to send an email to the customer reminding them about the uncompleted cart and future follow-ups.

Site Performance

Shopify’s great site speed ensures that your web page loads quickly, ensuring that you don’t lose any potential customers.

Payment Methods

Shopify accepts 90 different payment methods worldwide, all of which support numerous currencies. Shopify includes built-in payment options such as Amazon Pay, Paytm, and Apple Pay.

Mobile Optimization

On the other hand these days, many customers access online retailers via their mobile phones. The eCommerce website that gives its consumers a fantastic experience has a better chance of raising conversion rates. Mobile Shopify Apps simplify sellers to communicate with customers and manage their stores from their Android or iOS devices.


Shopify provides a simple, clean, and straightforward user interface that makes creating a store a breeze. However, this does not imply that you will have your web store up and running in two minutes, as there is still a lot of backend work pending. On the other hand, our Shopify plus development company will assist you with the full setup.

In Conclusion

Finally, Shopify is a fantastic solution that comes with a plethora of features that make running your digital store a breeze. It isn’t the cheapest platform on the market, but its system will free you of many hassles when it comes to running an online business.

To sum up our app development services are effective, and we ensure that customers have a positive purchasing experience.

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