Why Is Sage The Best Accounting Software For Construction Companies?

Different industries face unique challenges, and the construction industry is no different. In other words, the construction industry also needs effective management of core business processes such as inventory management, financials, purchase order processing (POP), and sales order processing (SOP). Companies need an all-in-one package system to cater to all the business needs and requirements. One such software is Sage accounting software which enables companies to operate profitably and stay competitive. Sage accounting software helps manage details of the construction projects from job costs, changing orders, invoices, etc.

Sage construction project management software allows construction companies to manage and streamline business processes. Effective management of all the processes in a construction project is not a small challenge. A complete software is needed to keep track of the subcontractors, materials and plant, costs, etc. In addition to this, a software is needed which helps organisations to stay within their budget requirements. The Sage ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software enables to view and access the real-time data of construction projects. Let us learn about the importance of Sage ERP construction software.

Importance of Sage ERP construction software 

  • Sage ERP construction software provides easy online access to the users. With the facility of online access, businesses can view and access the critical business data. Further, the viewed data can be shared with the concerned persons.
  • The Sage construction ERP software allows businesses to make predictions about the project needs. Therefore, it helps to make well-informed decisions regarding the hiring and buying of the plants. 
  • It provides real-time access to all the data, enabling the users to monitor and manage the project processes.
  • It allows construction companies to manage multiple sites at once, keep a track of the amount spent. In addition to this, match the invoices with the respective projects across different construction sites. 
  • The Sage ERP technology helps to reconcile orders against deliveries onsite. This facilitates business owners to minimise the costs and wastage. 
  • The Sage ERP solution helps to simplify and streamline processes. This enables businesses to efficiently manage their operations and enhance productivity. 

Apart from the Sage ERP software, Sage construction software offers various management applications for small to medium-sized businesses. Further, it includes six main construction and real-estate products. Therefore, the construction industry can benefit from the Sage products available to suit various business needs. Let us break down each of the solutions meant to suit various business needs: 

Different Sage products for construction companies

  • Sage 100 contractor– It is an integrated, standalone construction accounting and project management system. Small to midsized contractors use Sage 100 contractor to track invoices, payroll, accounting, etc. Consequently, the product is suitable for construction companies that have outgrown generic accounting software. Therefore, the software encompasses the whole construction cycle, including accounting, estimating, project management, equipment management, etc.  
  • Sage 300 construction & real estate software– This software provides a complete solution to efficiently manage the whole construction project. Unlike Sage 100 contractor, Sage 300 CRE supports more complex accounting, payroll, and other processes. In addition to this, it improves business visibility, reduces risk and manages an entire project. Further, this software is suitable for medium and large general contracting businesses in real-estate development, residential remodeling, home building, etc.
  • Sage Bid management– This software ensures efficient collaboration among estimators, material suppliers, subcontractors, etc., on a project. It enables the estimators and bid coordinators to efficiently automate and manage the entire process. In addition to this, software helps to view, access, and share information among bidders from a single and secure online location. Therefore, it improves visibility into projects which facilitates control. Finally, a solid control over the entire project lays the foundation for a successful and profitable project.
  • Sage estimating– This software is designed for contractors and subcontractors to provide cost monitoring tools. It includes inventory management, project management, job costing, billing, estimating, accounting, etc. The Sage estimating software helps to calculate estimates in minimum time with fewer errors. Further, the estimates are then shared with the suppliers, contractors, and other concerned persons. In addition to this, it empowers businesses to forecast the costs related to raw materials, labor, and other overhead expenses. This software is ideal for growing commercial and residential construction businesses. 
  • Sage construction project center– This software ensures collaboration between internal and external project stakeholders. In addition to this, it provides timely, convenient, and secure access to all the project-based details to take appropriate actions. However, the Sage construction project software can be used as standalone or an integrated software. It can be integrated with Sage 100 contractor or Sage 300 construction and real estate software. Finally, the easy flow of information and improved collaboration enables businesses to save time and costs and ultimately help make decisions. 

The above-mentioned Sage products provide support to nearly any construction business. But the businesses can consider certain points to choose the one that fulfils their needs. Therefore, the points to be considered are:

 Points to consider

  • Businesses which want to migrate from a generic accounting software to a more construction specific can choose Sage 100 contractor.
  •  Large businesses that want to gain control over their accounting process can choose Sage 300 CRE.
  • Businesses that want to improve the volume and accuracy of their operations can opt for Sage estimating and Sage bid management software. 

Final words

In conclusion, Sage accounting software is a complete package that suits the different business needs of various organisations. The Sage accounting software offers different products to suit varied business requirements. Similarly, from basic bookkeeping and accounting to complex ERP processes, Sage caters to all the complexities of any construction business. A construction business needs to evaluate its business needs, requirements and software’s features and flexibility to make a choice. Along with this, businesses should also consider other factors to make a choice.

A flexible and automated software like Sage accounting software enables businesses to improve business operations and enhance productivity. Finally, the enhanced productivity of business operations paves the path for success and growth. With the right software, a business can achieve survive and thrive in the long run

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