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Why installing vinyl breweries wall panels is better than FRP?

A well-maintained brewery will churn out freshly brewed beer that tastes delightful. Did you know that many breweries in the USA have to undergo random inspections, which has made businesses seek a long-term solution? The breweries FRP panels are great until they start rotting, molding, and attracting moisture. The better alternative to FRP is the vinyl breweries wall panels. The vinyl panels are a huge favorite in the USA market as they are durable, low maintenance, and easy to install. Here are some qualities of the vinyl panels that make them a perfect fit for the commercial brewery.

Antibacterial and mold-free 

Duramax breweries wall panels have an anti-mold coating and restrict the infestation of bacteria, mildew, and microbes. The antibacterial PVC panels are white, bright, and light-reflective. The wall panels are waterproof, and without moisture, the growth of mold or mold gets restricted. Choosing vinyl wall panels over all others is the right decision.

Durable and strong wall panels

The breweries FRP panels serve well but start to mold, rot, and attract moisture. In addition, the wooden backers of FRP panels make the material a weak wall covering. A better and more durable alternative is to install PVC panels inside the brewery. The vinyl panels have exceptional durability, making them ideal for commercial high-traffic breweries. The PVC panels have an inner webbed truss design and ½ inch thickness to ensure longevity and strength. Ideally, well-maintained Duramax panels can last for a lifetime. The recyclable PVC panels can serve for 100 years if properly maintained. Once you install PVC panels, you do not need repairing, repainting, refinishing, or replacing for at least 40 years or longer.

Low maintenance 

Maintaining the vinyl panels is not a hassle. It’s easy and quick. The vinyl panels never stain, fade, and are non-corrosive. The vinyl panels are resistant to chemicals and can easily be washed with bleaches and other detergents. Occasionally, wiping the panels with a damp mop and soap is great to retain the pristine white look. High-quality vinyl panels do not require any professional upkeep. General maintenance and occasional cleanups are enough for their upkeep. In contrast, FRP panels require expert assistance for general upkeep and maintenance, making them an expensive choice for the long run.

Ease of installation 

The ease of installation makes PVC panels a great choice. The DIY wall panels are a one-person job that gets accomplished within 7 to 8 hours. You can easily speed up the installation process by hiring two people for the job. The lightweight panels get installed with the help of two laborers in less than 3 hours. Vinyl panels have no backers but have studs and hidden fasteners to make the installation more durable. In contrast, the FRP panels require skilled workers, additional installation materials, and minimally two days for the complete setup. Make an informed choice and opt for Duramax panels.

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