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Why do cats like to sleep on their feet?

Why do cats like to sleep on their feet?

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  • Love for warmth
  • Host disease
  • Love for the owner
  • Jealousy

Often, the way pets behave at home baffles their owners. So, not all people can give an explanation for the fact that cats, having their own soft pillows and beds, prefer their master’s legs.

Are you one of them? Interested in an answer? Let’s try to figure it out.

In fact, there are many explanations for this behavior. Consider the most popular of them.

Love for warmth

In fact, cats cannot imagine their life without warmth. They are happy to wallow in the sun, climb on stoves, lie next to fireplaces and radiators. Any sources of heat are dear to the mysterious feline soul. That is why the cat likes to sleep next to a person so much, because the temperature of his body is much higher than the temperature of any, even the softest bed. Why in the legs? Elementary! Not everyone likes to sleep next to the cat, and therefore she lies down where it is most difficult to drive her away. Check here for more details about best cat stuff at Love Cat Stuff.

Host disease

According to many “cat owners”, cats feel the sore spot of a person and fit on it. Perhaps this is due to an attempt to cure a beloved owner, or it may simply be the selfishness of an animal lying on a part of the body, in most cases, characterized by elevated temperature.

As proof that cats

Are a kind of domestic healers, one can also cite the fact that from time immemorial these animals were considered energetically negative, i.e. fueled by negative energy, released, among other things, by diseased organs. Cats just take what they like, and the owner immediately feels relieved. According to the same theory, cats like to sleep so much in their legs, which are a place of concentration of negative energy.

Love for the owner

Despite the fact that this opinion is met with hostility by quite a few, cats still know how to love. And in this they are not hindered by either an independent disposition or a certain amount of selfishness. This can be confirmed by many stories posted on the Internet, telling about cats returning to their beloved owner.


The cat may be jealous of children or animals living in the same house with her. Laying down at the feet of the owner, she seems to say: “this is mine”, demonstrating to others her closeness to her loved one.

And the last. In nature, cats practically do not form packs, and if they do, then each of its members is in no way dependent on the others. And because the cat sleeps only where she wants, regardless of the opinion of the person. It’s so laid down by nature. And if she liked sleeping at her feet, then that is where she will sleep. It doesn’t matter what made her do it.

Why does a cat stomp on you?

Pick up food, filler for the tray, do not forget about the scratching post, rattling mice and other accessories.

These and other “little things” fall on the head of those on whose territory a cat or kitty appeared. But if you can find all the care and maintenance products for mustachioed-striped ones in stores, you will have to master the science of communication with a new family member on your own.

As you know, cats are creatures with character. No matter how naive the kitten’s eyes may be, no matter how plush the fur, be prepared for the fact that the animal will persistently dictate its rules of the game to you.

Cat Tenderness

Sleeping on the owner’s pillow, performing the morning ritual of licking on a freshly ironed shirt, waking up the whole house with a deafening meow at six in the morning on Sunday – resistance to cat whims comes almost uselessly. Do not be discouraged: after a short period of adaptation, you will no longer react painfully to the quirks of the “lodger” and will consider them cute pranks and purrs.

Do not be surprised if, in the process of “grinding in”, a mustachioed and tailed family member starts trampling on you with their paws. The smaller the animal, the more likely it will happen.

Do not rush to write Murzik to the veterinarian. From a medical point of view, this is a completely normal reaction. It’s not worth it, headlong, to run to the district clinic, if the cat has taken the fashion to stomp on your stomach. Do not trust those know-it-alls who claim that in this way the cat shows the owner to his sore spot. This is not true.

Everything is much easier. With his trampling, your pet satisfies his elementary instincts. In kittens, it is written on the sub cortex to knead the mother’s tummy with monotonous movements before kissing the nipple and drinking delicious milk.

Thanks for the compliment

As a rule, the cat chooses one person as the object of “trampling”. You will not envy this “lucky one” … The one in whom the pet recognized his mother, from now on becomes a nanny for a purring family member. In time to feed, clean the tray, take to the veterinarian, play – all these worries will fall on your shoulders.

And do not console yourself with the thought that you took on these responsibilities voluntarily. This is your pet, having complimented you, “appointed” you responsible for your happy existence.

On the other hand, it’s even better. You will be able to receive sessions of relaxation and confidential communication with a cat more often than others.

Alternative version

There is also a more romantic version of why a cat tramples you with its paws . A group of researchers suggests that in this way the pet “absorbs” the negative energies of a person. Having felt the “portal”, the cat acts as a conductor of negative information. Reading it from the body of the owner, the mustachioed-striped one directs its flow into space. In favor of this hypothesis, the fact that in the process of trampling the cat covers his eyes, and, as if reading mantras, meditates.

Which explanation to choose is up to you. In any case, do not drive the purr when she tramples you with her paws. After all, in this way she shows her love and appreciation for you.

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