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Real Estate

Why are PVC panels better than FRP wallboard for your residential garage?

Author Bio – Jenna Andrews was looking for FRP alternatives and found Duramax PVC Panels an ideal choice. She decided to tear down the delaminating FRP wallboard to install the customized PVC wall panels. Jenna was happy with the high-quality PVC products and the affordable factory-direct prices offered by Duramax. She highly recommends installing Duramax PVC Panels over anything else.

PVC is one of the ideal FRP alternatives as they are more durable, much stronger, and lasts 4x times longer. However, the FRP wallboard has plenty of drawbacks that have given PVC the upper hand. Residential complexes seek low maintenance and highly durable wall panels. The garages are least maintained as regular cleanups aren’t always possible. That’s why installing the long-lasting, low maintenance and waterproof PVC panels is ideal for the residential space. Here are reasons why PVC panels can completely overhaul your garage, while FRP is unfit for the residential sector.

Strong and durable PVC is better than FRP 

PVC is one of the finer FRP alternatives in the market. The high-grade PVC panels are more durable than FRP as they last 4x times longer. The PVC panels ideally serve for 45 to 50 years without any callbacks. The vinyl panels have a complete lifecycle of 140 years and can get recycled 7x times. The PVC wall panels are designed to last a lifetime and have a lifetime limited warranty. The PVC panels have a unique truss design that makes them strong and impact resistant. The vinyl panels have ½ inch thickness, which makes them exceptionally strong, durable, and resilient.

On the other hand, FRP panels are thin, fragile, and highly susceptible to repairs. The FRP panels last 20 to 25 years and are susceptible to repair and repaint. In addition, the FRP panels are not recyclable and need to get replaced after damage. Why spend more on FRP wall panels when you can get stronger and more durable PVC for the residential space? That’s why get vinyl products customized within 2 weeks from Duramax PVC Panels.

Moisture and water-resistant PVC are ideal 

The FRP wallboard has wooden backers and is not water-resistant. The FRP panels attract moisture and have crevices that trap water inside the wall material. If you are looking for a waterproof panel, then vinyl is better than FRP. The PVC panels made from 100% virgin vinyl are waterproof, mold-free, antibacterial, and fire-resistant. The vinyl panels have no fissures, and the moisture sheds off from the smooth surface. The PVC panels are ideal for damp garages and prevent mold, mildew, bacteria, and microbes from affecting the walls and ceiling.

Low-maintenance PVC panels are an asset 

The PVC panels are easier to clean than FRP. The traditional FRP panels are thin and not resistant to impacts. The FRP panels have crevices that trap moisture and have waste matter rotting around the corners. Cleaning the FRP panels requires professional help that gets expensive with the time. Rather than relying on FRP panels for the garage space, install high-quality PVC wall materials. Unlike FRP, the vinyl panels don’t get discolored, fade, stain or turn yellowish. To retain the white PVC panels wiping the material with a damp mop or using a pressure washer is enough to keep the wall material squeaky clean, and bright for the longest time.

Final Words

The lightweight PVC panels are easier and more affordable to install than FRP. The PVC wall panels get dispatched from the Duramax factory within 2 weeks at reduced costs. Request a quote now. Call us at 323-991-7507 for a free consultation.


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