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When to Host a Hybrid Event : The Complete Guide

The in-person events are back, but participants aren’t!

It is widely claimed by experts that hybrid events are the future of the event industry.

Moving toward the hybrid event in Singapore, businesses often conduct these types of programs. Why? This is because it improves networking that helps to spread brand awareness over the globe. And access to global audiences ensures high brand visibility and large marketing possibilities for businesses.

But here, the question arises when a business should consider hosting a hybrid program? To answer all your queries, we have created a guide consisting of all the essential factors you must know while hosting this type of event. Let’s start!

A Detailed Guide On Hybrid Events

Understand The Meaning

Before you go further, it’s important to know the real meaning of hybrid events. “It’s a setup where a technology solution is used to conduct the program. It allows an online and live audience to enjoy the same content simultaneously.”

These events are also considered mixed events, which means a combination of in-person and virtual events.

The best part of this type of program is the businesses have a limitless audience. And your audience can participate from any part of the globe.

When To Host An Event?

Now, coming to the main query, that is when a business should host a combo of in-person and online events. So, coming to the solutions, we have listed some situations that indicate the need for a combined event (in-person+virtual).

1. For High Engagement With The Audience

Adding a virtual element to your live event opens up more engagement opportunities. This is because the audience can easily participate in an event from their desktop or mobile devices. Further, if they like the content, they will share it over many social media platforms such as FB, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

So, if you want to share your content with more and more audiences, it’s essential to add a virtual touch to an event. But before conducting a program, make a list of necessary details that you want to deliver to the target audiences.

2. To Find Better Sponsorship Opportunities

Undoubtedly, hosting a comfo of an in-person and online event is a great idea for finding the best sponsorship. How?

According to a survey, 72% of corporate sponsors are interested in the hybrid event because they can reach both live and virtual audiences simultaneously.

As these events have a higher reach, it is becoming enormously valuable for sponsors. They have also started recognizing the perks of these events; hence started sponsoring such events.

Furthermore, there is the possibility that the sponsors will participate remotely in an event. So, host an event with engaging content and activities.

3. Generating More ROI

The scalability of hybrid programs will approach more attendees. And finalizing a deal with sponsors will boost a business turnover. Also, it will lower the financial risk of a business and ensure a high return on investment.

For example, if a business is conducting a hybrid event in Singapore or any other nation, they can easily scale up their digital presence. It will help to generate more ROI for a business.

Some Examples Of Hybrid Events

Now have a look over some of these events that are often organized by businesses.

1. Trade Shows

The hybrid trade shows became so popular during the pandemic. It can accommodate both live and virtual attendees.

These types of shows are generally created to display services or products predominantly. And conducting events allows the audience to submit their orders, virtually and in person.

Let’s take an example, in a trade show LED wall rental can be used to display products better. Basically, it’s a technology used for video walls to generate sharp and bright images. Also, helps to present the tiniest specifications (via images) of a product to the customers.

2. Conferences

Hybrid conferences are a perfect combo of virtual and physical conferences. It is created for both virtual and physical attendees to enjoy panel discussions online as well as live.

3. Job Fairs

A hybrid job fair brings the local job seekers and recruiters together in a physical and virtual venue.
The virtual candidates can see the vacancies and apply to the available positions. And employers can interview candidates physically and virtually too.

The hybrid job fair is best for educational institutes and startups.

4. Exhibitions

Hybrid exhibitions are the best opportunity for the organizations such as art galleries and museums. They can inform and educate a worldwide audience at a physical venue and in a virtual space.

Hybrid exhibitions are a combo of innovative design, portability, and flexibility. Also, these exhibitions are best for schools or nonprofit organizations as they can show their celebratory events and works. It includes; artwork, projects, and research.

How To Plan A Successful Hybrid Event?

Once you have decided to conduct a combo of virtual and in-person events, now it’s your responsibility to make it successful. Follow the steps listed below to plan a more detailed and intricate event.

1. Clear Your Goal

This is the first and foremost step in organizing a successful event.

Having clarity of the aim in mind gives more creative ideas to organizers. So, technically it helps in planning and marketing for a virtual as well as in-person event.

2. Be Unique

Remember the audience doesn’t like to see the repeated content, so come up with something unique, engaging, and meaningful event ideas.

A business must create an event plan by keeping every single detail in mind. It resulted in organizing a successful event.

3. Assign Responsibilities

For a flawless event, a business must practice the right event management tricks.

For example, if it’s a large-scale event, select a bigger team of event managers and event organizers. Set the duties and responsibilities for every team member and make sure to avoid overlapping.

The Bottom Line

It would not be wrong to say that Hybrid events are the future of the event industry. Moreover, this event offers opportunities for cross-platform interactions. And it increases the chances of networking between in-person and virtual audiences.

The tips listed above will help organize a successful event for the brands. Following the right strategies will eventually make you thrive in managing effective programs.

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