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What You Need to Know About Hairline Lowering Hair Transplant Treatments?

The hairline lowering hair transplant treatment is a surgical treatment that helps shorten your forehead and aims to move your hairline forward. If your forehead is overly high, this treatment will help to lower it in one single session. The hairline lowering surgery is also known as scalp reduction or advancement. This procedure leads to a satisfactory outcome, and there is more to like about this treatment. It helps to generate a more balanced facial look and offers you a balanced hairline. After undergoing this surgical treatment, you will enjoy a better and quicker outcome. Read this post to learn more about hairline lowering hair transplant treatment.

How does Hairline Lowering Surgery Works?

This is an immediate surgery done by a professional plastic surgeon. It is usually a safe surgery that lasts about three hours based on the particular needs of the surgery. The hairline lowering surgery is sometimes done with other procedures like brow lifts to help maximize your money and time.

The surgeon will sedate you and restrict the site of the new planned hairline before the procedure. After drawing the new hairline, the surgeon will make an incision and then loosen the scalp tissue that bears your hair. The last step would be moving the skin forward somewhere from one to three centimeters and then eliminating any excess skin before closing the incision.

Sometimes, the skin on your scalp might not be elastic enough to get lowered to the required amount. If this happens, your surgeon will have to place a tissue expander under your scalp. in about six weeks, this expander will stretch your skin gradually. Another suggestion would be having a second hairline lowering procedure.

How Long It Will Take to Recover?

The recovery time for this treatment typically depends on the person undergoing surgery. It usually takes like two weeks. You can go back to your usual routine after the surgery. After this period, the swelling and bruising from the surgery will have subsided. Most patients also can travel back home the next day without surgical clothes. You can wear a hat or brush your hair forward to hide the sutures when you resume your normal activities after like a week.

Most surgeons will instruct you to avoid strenuous activities for the first week after this surgery. But you will have to camouflage the incisions for up to three months before they fade. The first few days of your recovery, the doctor will prescribe some medications the first few days of recovery. Ensure that your head is consistently elevated to reduce the swelling and bruising. The best thing is to use pillows to prop yourself up to help fasten the healing process.

The aftercare is mainly to ensure that the incisions are clean and that there are no potential infections. The surgical stitches are removed mainly by the surgical team one week after the surgery. One week after the surgery, you are now more presentable because there is less bruising and swelling around your eyes. A few months into your surgery, you will start seeing hairs growing over the incisions. 

The incision should also be on its way to healing. For up to four months, you will feel some numbness in the incision area. As your nerves grow, this numbness should go away. In six months, the incisions will be fully healed and begin to heal. Meanwhile, you can choose to hide the scar by styling your hair over the scar. To conceal the incision, you can use a headband, scarves, and hat.

A Good Candidate for Hairline Lowering Surgery

Hairline lowering surgery is ideal for men and women who do not have a family history of hair loss and those who want to have more youthful balanced features. For a successful surgery, you will need to have a high forehead, an excellent elastic scalp, and no hair loss. You must as well need to change the proportions of your facial features. It would be best to have scalp laxity because this will impact the outcome.

Suppose your scalp is not elastic enough. You will need a tissue expander before completing the surgery. If you are trying to correct a hairline that resulted from male or female pattern baldness, you are not an ideal candidate for this treatment. Men and women with high foreheads are also ideal candidates for this surgery. After this surgery, you will enjoy permanent results.


Hairline lowering hair transplant treatment is generally safe. However, since it involves surgery, you might experience several complications like numbness, swelling, discomfort, or infection. But if you go for a qualified plastic surgeon, these uncommon risks will be reduced, and you will get the best results. Mostly, this treatment is simple, with fewer risks involved, and the recovery process is easy. You also need to note that this treatment is considered cosmetic, so it is not covered by health insurance.

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