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What To Consider Before Buying Colour Changing Alarm Clock?

Bedside alarm clocks come in a lot of varieties these days. Nowadays, wake-up light alarm clocks are becoming quite famous. They have a lot of advantages like LCD displays and colour changing lights.

If you find yourself intrigued by these wake-up light alarm clocks, there are a few things to consider.

The overall goal of the purchase

Of course, the ultimate goal for buying an alarm clock is to wake up on time every morning. But, for that, a cheap alarm clock is enough.

When you invest in an expensive alarm clock you need to get the most use out of it. Some people use alarm clocks to connect with the radio. Some use the light for meditating before sleep. Some use it for their kids to have a refreshing morning experience.

Make sure you know what to do with the purchase. If simply waking up in the morning is your goal, then a bedside alarm clock is fine. But if you want all those alluring additional features, then a wake-up light alarm clock is a good investment.

cheap alarm clocks

The budget

Sleep is more important than money. Investing in items that will improve your sleep quality will benefit you in the long run. Poor quality products might be cheap but can break easily.

But on the other hand, only branded unnecessarily expensive products shouldn’t be your goal. There are wake-up light alarm clocks that cost hundreds of pounds. If you don’t need a specific requirement, stay with good-quality affordable colour-changing alarm clocks from stores like Give & Take.

Multiple alarm settings

Some alarm clocks have multiple alarm setting qualities. These are helpful for people who need a reminder for different tasks in a day.

Also, if you are sharing a room with your partner and both have different wake-up times, this comes in handy.

Some old people need reminders to take medicines, go for walks. They can have good use of this clock.

In case you need multiple alarm setting functions, look at the description thoroughly. If you can’t find the description informative enough, call the store to ask about the product.

bedside alarm clocks

The users

Wakeup light alarm clocks can be useful to a range of people. So, ask yourself who will use it more?

If you want to buy for kids, there are special kid’s alarm clocks for that. With kid’s clocks, there are added features like songs or stories.

Some clocks also have customisable options. But in our experience, too many complications in a watch or alarm clock makes it prone to damage. They are easier to break. So, that won’t be a good option if you invest a lot of money in the alarm clock that breaks easily.

For kids or elderly people, buy a simple wake-up light alarm clock that is durable. Avoid superfluous complications and stick to the basics—a clock with wake-up lights. It will be easier to handle and the risk of breaking will be less.

kid's alarm clock

Why do you need a wake-up light alarm clock?

This is an important question you need to ask before buying an expensive alarm clock.

No, we are not saying that this kind of alarm clock is useless. It is far from the truth. In fact, surveys have shown that these types of alarm clocks with LCD screens and wake-up lights help to improve sleep patterns. It’s a great device for kids who are heavy sleepers.

If you are someone who struggles with getting solid sleep, waking up on time, this is the clock for you. But don’t buy something that you are not going to get a regular use—then the investment will be a waste of money.

It all depends on your sleep habits. Also, just getting an alarm clock isn’t enough to improve your sleep.

Exposing yourself to blue lights (tablets, phones) before sleep cuts of sleeping hormones from getting active. That’s why you have trouble falling asleep. These wakeup-light alarm clocks have sunrise colours to wake you up naturally.

What do you think about these colour-changing alarm clocks? Do you have a poor sleeping pattern? Let us know in the comments below!


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