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What Is the Distinction Between Learning Consultation and E-Learning Development?

Managing and optimising these learning tools requires planning, and the SkillSource Learnings team of professional digital learning consultants can help you create the perfect personalised learning consulting plan to meet your business goals. Providing an experienced and capable e-learning consultant can help organisations avoid common mistakes as well as identify the best tools and processes for a successful learning strategy.

As mentioned earlier in this guide, an eLearning consultant can greatly impact your training business and its success. Whether they coordinate you on a project or continue to work together for years. While an eLearning consultant will most likely have experience teaching business development and eLearning best practices. You will also need an experienced partner in your industry. An e-learning consultant can answer questions from members, and handle the most sophisticated learning technologies. Ensure the association’s e-learning program runs smoothly. As a learning consultant, your contact at an e-learning company will not start by asking. If you want an e-learning module or a video.

Your study advisor will not start developing e-learning modules but will start asking a lot of questions. Your learning advisor can provide expensive advice on e-learning tools, learning ecosystem components, and learning strategies that will impact your organisation for years to come. The advisor may also suggest interactive elements that you can integrate or tools that you can use to customize your e-learning system. Suppose you asked your eLearning service provider to organise training for your sales consultants to help them learn and remember the features of your new line of garden care products.

If you are going to start the journey of a new e-learning content development platform you have to prepare yourself first to get into it, it’s somehow easy to learn but when it comes to providing your the idea to help others it gets a little difficult, we usually need to accept the atmosphere first and the newcomers whom you’re going to teach, what’s the mood of them, if they’re ready to learn or not. Besides these, you’ve to learn the way to teach. You need some of the equipment that helps teach people. Some elements which may help in e-learning activities.

A learning consultant is a learning expert who can help your organisation develop a talent development plan that includes learning but can be extended to many other tools, resources, and strategies. Learning consultants advise on platforms and services and make specific recommendations on the type of training or performance support needed. Sometimes consultants also develop e-learning courses. But these are usually just part of the idea generation process and can help you fine-tune the details. Hiring a consultant is a good idea when you are in the early stages of creating an e-learning course. Need someone to validate your decision or steer the project in the right direction.

The real benefit we bring is—

  • That we can package it all into a coherent and clear roadmap that starts with definition and definition. Moves on to design and development, and leads to the successful deployment of your eLearning project.
  • Over the years, our training consultants have developed a checklist to ensure the transition to our LMS is as smooth as possible while delivering the most value to your organisation. 
  • Clark Training & Consulting offers research-based recommendations for creating effective classroom or multimedia training courses for employees.

Light’s eLearning experts can ensure you succeed with your eLearning initiative by working with you. We may act as your advisor or provide you with tools and knowledge through an e-learning workshop program. Hopefully, these details help you to set your goal and you’ve found your answer.

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