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What is R? And What Are The Uses Of R Programming Language?

What Are The Uses Of R Programming Language?

You are already aware of the various programming languages. Some of them help in creating several applications. And some of them help in accomplishing specific tasks and gain popularity because they do those tasks more effectively and simply. One of these particular programming languages is R. Today, we will learn some essential uses of R programming language.

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Well, statisticians developed the R programming language for dealing with data in statistics. Business analysts, data analysts, data scientists, and scientists often use this language for statistical computation and data visualization.

However, to learn what points make R programming unique, you have to explore this blog. In this blog, we will discuss the various uses of R programming that makes it different from other programming languages. So, let’s discuss them. But, first let’s explore what R is.

R Programming Language

R is an open source programming language. It is managed by the R core development team. Additionally, R is a command-line-driven program. It helps in several statistical calculations.

Nowadays, R is used worldwide when compared to SAS, SPSS, and SAS. Moreover, it is already the true winner in terms of online popularity. 

Now, let’s explore the different common R programming applications in the real world that make it unique from other languages.

Uses Of R Programming Language

Some of the R’s most beneficial uses are as follows:


In the world of finance, R is commonly used. R helps in different complex statistical programs. It is capable of doing all necessary financial activities. Also, it helps financial firms to manage risk performance and track negative risk. Moreover, R has packages for time-series analysis, moving averages, and autoregression. In financial applications, these tools are crucial. 

In addition, the time-series statistical method in R is also in the financial sector. They can manage their stock market and calculate share prices. Financial data mining tools are available in R packages. For example, Quantmod, pdfetch, TFX, pwt, etc. 


Banks use R for credit risk modeling and other kinds of risk analytics. It is also used in relation to Hadoop. It helps in checking customer retention, segmentation, and quality.

Moreover, R helps Bank of America for financial reporting. Also, the data scientists at BOA look into financial losses and make use of R’s graphical capabilities.


There are several firms that use R to analyze consumer feedback. For example, Ford, Modelez, and John Deere, etc. This allows firms to update their products according to customer preferences. Also, they change production output as a result of changing market demand. Moreover, R also helps in boosting sales and lowering production expenses.


R is one of the programming languages used in the area of e-commerce. This field is an excellent fit for R. Plus the fact that these online firms must manage both organized and unstructured data. Also, they manage data from many sources. For example, databases and spreadsheets (SQL and NoSQL).

Moreover, R also assists e-commerce companies in studying cross-selling options for their customers. It is the perfect tool for evaluating these kinds of ideas and thoughts.


There are also various uses of R programming in Healthcare. It helps in the fields of bioinformatics, drug development, epidemiology, and genetics. With the help of R, these businesses can perform tasks and crunch statistics. Also, they can form the base for further analysis and data processing.

Moreover, R helps in the conducting of pre-clinical trials and the study of medication safety information. It helps in difficult processes like medication development. Also, it offers its customers a variety of tools for doing in-depth data analysis and attractive visualization.

Social Science

Social media serves as a data playground for many beginners to data science and R. R uses a number of important statistical methods. For example, sentiment analysis and other forms of social media data mining.

Also, Furthermore, social platforms generally have unstructured data. Because of this, social media is a challenging subject for data science. So, R helps social media analytics to segment and target new buyers for sales activities.

Moreover, User sentiment mining is another crucial area of social media analytics. Businesses use R-based statistical tools that estimate user opinions. They benefit from R by having better experiences.

Research And Academics

R is a statistical analysis program. It helps statisticians and students to carry out different statistical computations and analyses. Moreover, R and its libraries contain several statistical techniques. For example,

  • Linear and Non-Linear Modeling
  • Time-series Analysis
  • Traditional Statistical Testing
  • Clustering
  • Classification

Furthermore, R helps in Deep learning and machine learning research. One of the most popular languages for machine learning is R. It has libraries that make supervised and unsupervised learning possible.

IT Sector

There are several uses of R programming in the IT Sector as well. Various businesses and firms use R as a business intelligence tool. Because it helps them with their machine learning solutions.

Also, they can develop statistical computing tools, data handling solutions, and other data manipulation services using R.

There are several big companies who uses R. For example,

  • IBM
  • PayTM
  • Infosys
  • Wipro
  • Accenture


R programming helps government agencies to handle census data and maintain records. So that they can implement the right government and laws. Moreover, they use it for crucial services. For example, drug control, weather forecasting, and disaster effect assessments.

Final Words

So, we have discussed different uses of R programming in the real world. As we have learned, R helps in various fields to accomplish their tasks. It makes R programming different from other languages. First, R was only used in the field of academic purposes and research. But now, R helps in various sectors including IT and healthcare. 

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