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What is Netgear AX1800 Bridge Mode & How To Quickly Set It Up?

The Netgear AX1800 is a whole-home mesh WiFi 6 system that offers whole-home seamless network coverage. In this WiFi system, one router, & also 1 satellite is included. The 80.11ax network standard is compatible with this WIFi system. This network standard speeds the WiFi speed & also extends the network coverage. Additionally, the Wi-Fi 6 network is completely compatible and offers reliable coverage. In other words, the WiFi 6 network offers faster WiFi network speed as compared to the Wi-Fi 5 network. The Netgear ax1800 WiFi system is a mesmerizing network system because it complies with the topmost feature. Additionally, the Netgear ax1800 bridge mode is a superior & exceptional feature because this feature offers the wireless range at a large scale. 

Moreover, through the bridge mode feature, you are able to get the network with the fastest 802.11ac speed. To use your router as a bridge mode, you ensure the Netgear nighthawk ax1800 setup is properly done. If the setup does not perform then first you have to perform the setup. In this guide, I will provide all relevant information on Netgear WiFi system bridge mode. 

What is Netgear AX1800 Bridge Mode in a detailed manner? 

The Netgear AX1800 WiFi system completely complies with multiple modes. In the multiple modes, the bridge mode is also available. Although, the bridge mode of this WiFi system generally allows you to attach two routers without worrying about the feeble network performance. Moreover, the bridge mode is the mode that configures the NAT feature in the modem. In the modem, the bridge mode disables the NAT feature. And this enables the router to work on the DHCP server without any IP address.

You can simply connect your home networking device to the Netgear ax1800 WiFi system & extend the Wi-Fi coverage. This system is more suitable to extend the coverage in your home as well as office. In other words, when you use two routers in your home, but every router has its own private network. At that time, your router faces difficulty communicating with each other. This situation is called double NAT. 

How to quickly set up Netgear AX1800 Bridge Mode?

If you completely take the benefits of the high-speed network connectivity & wider coverage then you have to set up the WiFi system. Without doing the setup of this system, you are not able to get the network in the entire home. To take the benefits of the bridge mode, you have to perform the setup. Let’s start the setup of the WiFi system. 

Connect the Netgear ax1800 router to the modem & PC

Firstly, you have to connect the router to the modem. To establish the connection, you have required an Ethernet cable. Before connecting the cable, you have to make sure the Internet port of the router & also the LAN port of your modem. Then, you have to take both ends of the cable, the one end if will plug into the internet/WAN port of your WiFi 6 router. Additionally, the other end will plug into the WAN port of your modem. After that, switch On the power & properly determine the connection between the modem & router.

You can also connect the PC to the WiFi system. Through the cable, you will be able to establish the connection. You can follow the same procedure that applies to connecting the modem to the router. 

Access the login admin panel

Before setup the bridge mode on the Netgear ax1800 mesh wifi system, you have to access the login admin panel & log in to the account. For this, you have to select any browser that will obtainable on your Wi-Fi network PC. On the search field of the browser, you have to fill up the default nighthawk login IP. Afterward, you have to redirect the login admin panel, through the login credentials, you have to log in to the account. Just fill up the login username ID & password, & click the login button.

Setup the bridge mode 

After login into the account of the Netgear ax1800 mesh WiFi system, you have to reach the home screen. Now, you have to click the advanced setting & go to advanced setup & then the wireless bridge. After that, the bridge mode wireless setting page will appear on the screen, you need to select the enable bridge mode check box. Then, you have to click the setup bridge mode wireless setting. Along with this, you have to select the network frequency in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz network frequency. In the available SSID field, you have to write the network name. In the devotes, you have to click the save option.

Why is the Tplink WiFi device called an EasyMesh WiFi Router?

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