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What is Boc3 & Boc 3 filing

Every new company in the transportation industry needs to file a BOC 3 form before they allowed to operate within the United States. It is necessary whether they intend to operate as a brokerage, motor transporter or freight forwarder.

We recognize that the process of beginning a new trucking firm and all the administrative duties associated with it can be daunting. In this article we’ll walk you through the essential information you need about BOC-3 and how to complete it to take you and your vehicle(s) out onto the road.

BOC 3 Meaning: What Does BOC 3 Stand For?

BOC is the acronym for “Blanket of Coverage,” and the BOC-3 is a form that you must submit to show the FMSCA evidence. It is for that you are an agent for process in every state where you are operating. It’s basically a formal listing of all entities (usually businesses, but occasionally individuals) who are authorized to receive legal documents on behalf of you.

What is a BOC 3 Form?

A BOC-3 form will be the form you fill out with the addresses and names of the individuals who are authorized to receive legal documents for your company across all 50 states and that of the District of Columbia. While you can fill out a physical BOC-3 form in the past, the majority of forms are now filed online.

What is BOC 3 Filing?

BOC 3 filing is the process of filling in with your information and then submitting it form to the FMCSA. We’ll be learning more about this in the coming days In most instances an agent will handle it on your behalf.

Can I File My Own BOC 3?

It depends. If you’re motor carriers only the BOC-3 designation of process agent can file your application and must be completed online.

If, however, you are a broker or freight broker who does not own or manage CMVs (commercial vehicle) you are able to fill out your BOC-3 by yourself using an actual copy on paper.

What is a BOC 3 Process Agent?

A BOC-3 process agent sometimes referred to as an FMCSA agent is an individual or company. It is appointed by you to accept legal documents on behalf of you. If you receive an order, complaint, or any other type of legal notice, they will be notified of the information first.

You must have an BOC-3 designation of process agent for each state that you are operating in. This means that when you are operating within Texas, Louisiana, Oklahoma and Arkansas You’ll require an agent with the BOC-3 designation in every state (so 4 BOC-3 agents total).

The BOC-3 process agent must available at that address during regular business hours. (This is similar to having to be a registered agent in each state that you operate in if you own an LLC).

Some organizations may provide coverage in multiple states. It is mandatory, your BOC-3 process representative could represent you in all states you work in. This is typically the most straightforward way to submit your BOC-3.

Do I Really Need FMCSA BOC 3 Process Agents?

In most cases there is a legal requirement to select process agents to take action on your behalf, therefore yes, you must. Even if not involved, working with FMCSA BOC-3 process agent is always a great option. Although their services vary based on the company you choose to work with, they offer various services to simplify your life and make it less stressful, like legal counsel, communicating with the FMCSA and help in maintaining the administrative duties of your company as well as helping you avoid penalties. They also submit a variety of BOC-3 documents, meaning they are aware of what is essential.

How to Fill Out a BOC 3 Form

If you’re an motor transporter and you’re a BOC-3 processing agent(s) required to complete the form(s) on your behalf. If you’re able to fill it on your own and/or not, you’ll require these information:

  • Address and name of the trucking company.
  • A name, title and the identity of the individual who has authority to sign on behalf of the business
  • The address and name of the FMCSA BOC-3 process agent(s) for each state.

How Much Does it Cost to File a BOC 3?

BOC-3 filing costs vary between agents, according to the type of service you’d like them to offer you. They can work with you solely for BOC-3 application, however, opt to buy additional services to make the life of an entrepreneur new to the business is much simpler. Given the complicated nature of FMCSA regulations It is recommended to seek the advice of an expert when you start your business.

BOC 3 Registration – File Your BOC 3 Today

Do I Need to File a BOC 3 Form?

If you do not possess a BOC-3 process agent and plan to run a trucking business in the US in the capacity of a motor carrier, freight forwarder or broker, you’ll have to fill out the BOC-3 form.

When Should You Refile a BOC 3 Agent Processing Form?

It is recommended that you file your BOC-3 every time you notice an alteration in name or transfer of authority or another alteration to the information you have provided for your BOC-3.

How do I File a BOC-3?

For filing your BOC-3 you’ll need to select the BOC-3 processing agent you want to use. Most times it will be most convenient to accomplish this by using an “Blanket Legal Entity,” which is basically a business which can represent you across every state and let you run your business however you like. It’s also the most economical way to get your business moving forward, as you won’t need to spend time looking for various BOC-3 representatives and paying their various costs.

We offer a quick and simple filing procedure at Foley So if you’re looking to fill in your details Then lay back and relax we’re here for you. We’ll take care of all the paperwork for you so that you can focus on getting your company in operation.

To partner with us, simply click here to send us your company’s name in the legal form, its MC code, and the DOT number (as appropriate) and then add the BOC-3 filing form to your cart , and go to checkout. Within less than more than 72 hours we’ll submit the BOC-3 agent processing form and you’ll be receiving your documents.

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