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Health and Fitness

What is a Rehabilitation Center? How Does It Work?

Are you looking for a Nasha Mukti Kendra or a rehabilitation center nearby? Well, before registering yourself or someone you know in the rehab you must understand what is a rehab and how it works?

Rehabilitation Centers also known as Nasha Mukti Kendra are often the initial step towards coming out clean or out of toxication. However, the journey is not as easy as cutting a piece of cake. It is an everlasting commitment, determination, and hard work.

Often rehabilitation treatments are followed by a combination of psychological, medical therapy and quarantine from drug use. Often a combination of these treatments can help addicts come out clean and sober, while also learning how to stay clean for a lifetime.

Enrolling in a rehab center is a big step. If you know someone who is suffering from drug or alcohol abuse then joining a Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab is a great way to kickstart a new life. Now, let us understand more about rehabs and how they work?

What is a Rehabilitation Center?

A Nasha Mukti Kendra also known as a rehab center is a place that offers treatment for substance abuse or addiction.

A rehab will offer one or more of the therapy typically – Speech Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy based upon the patient’s requirements and the kind of drug that is being abused.

Not to mention, rehabilitation does not undo or alter the adverse effects a drug or substance abuse has had on the body or the trauma. Instead, it helps the patient to come out from it, live a healthy life again, and maintain well-being.

How do Rehab Centers Work?

Drug or alcohol addiction won’t go just by willpower, it needs proper treatment and must not be overlooked.

By enrolling in the rehab at the right time, and with proper efforts one can come out clean, and enjoy a healthy life.

Although individual experiences are different, people who enrol in rehab programs can expect four different phases:

  • Intake
  • Detoxification
  • Rehabilitation
  • Aftercare/ continuing Progress

Now let us understand these four phases better so that you know exactly what you are getting into, how things happen in a rehab center.

1. Intake – Creating a Tailor-Made Plan

Although no rehab center follows the same process, it is most likely that a rehabilitation center will follow an intake process.

It includes a meeting with the professional to discuss the plan of action and find out what approach is the best option for you. The aim is to create a customized plan based upon individual medical history and assessment, emotional and social behaviour

This may include medical tests, family history, psychological, and other kinds of assessment to gauge the individual. These evaluations will help in determining the best therapy and plan for the individual.

2. Detox – Get Rid Off the Substance from the Body

Often there are withdrawal symptoms that are associated with the particular drug that is being abused, which is of course unpleasant.

People are most likely to develop these withdrawal symptoms but can make the best from time to time supervision, and medical treatment, and medical detox facilities.

Detox is always planned under medical supervision and is customized according to individuals needs. Often it is accompanied by medicines to relieve the effects of the withdrawal symptoms.

3. Rehabilitation Center/ Nasha Mukti Kendra – A Long Term Effort

When it comes to choosing the right rehab treatment, it is always good to consider the available treatment options. So while looking for Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab do ask for the rehab treatment that is available for you. ‘

  • Inpatient: The inpatient program covers those who need to combat Substance Use Disorder (SUDs). The program focuses on taking them out from their old way of living, the possibly toxic environment, and surroundings. This rehabilitation program includes 24/7 care from the medical professional under supervision.
  • Outpatient: Outpatient is a great program for those who cannot commit to a 24/7 presence. You must consider this option for mild or short-term addiction. However, long-term abuse is not the best option.
  • Partial Hospitalization Program: PHP is hospital-depend for outpatients. It is a program for patients who have mild to moderate withdrawal symptoms that do not have severe side effects.

4. Recovery – The Aftermath & Relieving Process

Even after completing the rehab program patients are complete, the recovery is a continuous process. After finishing the rehab program the patient must be given counselling by a medical counsellor. They will discuss in detail the recovery and aftercare process.

Planning a substantial aftercare process is crucial, but it varies from one individual to another.

Key Takeaway – Rehab Center

Enrolling in a rehabilitation program can do wonders. Choosing a reputable rehab center run by trained medical professionals can offer numerous other benefits

besides coming out clean and sober.

While choosing a rehab center based on location and cost is a sensible decision, it should not be the only criteria.

Now that you know what a rehab is and how it works, choosing the right Nasha Mukti Kendra in Punjab or anywhere else won’t be an issue.

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